Thermal Platform Microscope Analysis of Pharmaceutical Preparations

In addition to the common capillary method and melting point tester method, the hot carrier microscope is also one of the common methods to study the existence of drug polycrystals by melting point. In general, the higher the stability of the crystalline form, the higher the stability of the drug. Generally speaking, the higher the stability of the crystalline form, the higher the melting point; the difference between the melting points of two crystalline forms can be estimated relatively. CD Formulation uses hot carrier microscopy to perform melting point testing and analyze the crystalline form of a drug, which facilitates the next step in the drug development process and facilitates the commercialization of samples.

Our Services

CD Formulation has a professional pharmacy team and laboratory operators to help our clients' drug development by analyzing and interpreting the data based on their sample testing. Some of the services we can provide are:

Characterization of material morphology, structure and its heat deformation structure.
Professional analysis of data.

Main Application

The thermal platform microscope works by changing ordinary light into polarized light for microscopic examination to identify whether a substance is monorefractive (isotropic) or birefringent (anisotropic). Among these, birefringence is a fundamental property of crystals. Polarized light microscopy is based on the polarizability possessed by the substance in question, which can be observed qualitatively and measured quantitatively, and thus polarized light microscopy can be used for substance identification. It is widely used for observation, research and identification of various substances with birefringent polarization such as minerals and crystals.

Unparalleled Ergonomic Design

When designing a system, the focus should be on meeting the higher demands of ergonomics. Based on this unique concept, features such as the small footprint of the load cell and controls, the color touch screen and the use of manual keys to control the temperature program provide important advantages. The sample can be easily inserted into the filling chamber from the top and can be mechanically manipulated when necessary.

Large Amount of Information

The thermal platform microscope can display temperature control programs and mark temperature events. After measurements are completed, all data can be easily transferred to a computer using an Ethernet connection, SD card or USB stick.

Service Flow

Analysis of Pharmaceutical Preparation Service Flow with CD Formulation Thermal Platform Microscope

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