Inhalation Sprays Formulation Development

CD Formulation has years of experience in pharmaceutical formulation development, supporting development services for inhalation sprays, nasal sprays, and non-inhalation sprays for skin and mucous membranes. CD Formulation uses stability data to gain insight into formulation and device effects on spray formulations through an integrated formulation and stability team, including the development and validation of stability indication methods and forced degradation studies. With extensive experience in inhalation spray formulations, we offer a center of excellence to support you in formulation development, product performance testing, method development/validation, and stability.

Inhalation Sprays Formulation Development


Inhalation sprays deliver drugs directly to the lungs using a person's own breath through the use of an inhaler. This can benefit the patient by delivering the drug directly to the disease area, allowing the drug to have a greater impact on its intended target, and limiting the side effects of the drug when administered locally. The use of inhalers can reduce airway inflammation and obstruction of the drug for easier and more comfortable breathing. Inhalation sprays are designed to deliver the active ingredient directly to the lungs, eliminating barriers that exist with other delivery methods. However, this route of administration needs to be formulated with absolute precision. CD Formulation, the developer of inhalation sprays, continues to provide new and quality solutions for inhalation therapy.

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CD Formulation provides development services for inhalation spray formulations including formulation strategy, testing, characterization, stability, and performance/release testing for the inhalation route of administration.

Formulation excipient selection

When selecting excipients, many factors need to be considered that may affect the formulation and even the final drug product. Excipients such as polymers are often used to adjust the viscosity of suspensions or solutions. As such, they often affect the ease of aspiration or handling of the suspension, and in sprays, they can directly affect the particle size distribution of the spray drop.

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  • The spray should be formulated in the environment required by the relevant species, such as a certain degree of cleanliness, sterilization conditions, and low temperature environment.
  • Each component of the spray device should be prepared with non-toxic, non-irritating, stable materials that do not interact with the drug.
  • Inhalation spray and quantitative inhalation spray for nebulizer should be sterile preparations.

We have many years of experience in supporting our customers' inhalation spray formulation product development, from early development to process control and product release analysis. With a heritage of supporting advanced pharmaceutical product development and formulation, coupled with comprehensive analytical expertise, our experts provide comprehensive quality assurance expertise to help you ensure the safety, efficacy and quality of your inhalation spray formulation products.

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