Buffering Agents

Cat.No. Product Name CAS Inquiry
CDC10-0222 Magnesium oxide 1309-48-4 Inquiry
CDC10-0223 Guanidine carbonate salt 593-85-1 Inquiry
CDC10-0224 Hectorite 12173-47-6 Inquiry
CDC10-0225 Calcium Pyrophosphate 7790-76-3 Inquiry
CDC10-0226 Sodium hydrogen malate 58214-38-3 Inquiry
CDC10-0227 Potassium acetate 127-08-2 Inquiry
CDC10-0228 D,L-GalA 576-37-4 Inquiry
CDC10-0229 Sodium phosphate,dibasic heptahydrate 7782-85-6 Inquiry

Product Introduction

Cosmetic buffers are substances that build and maintain a certain pH level in cosmetics. Adding acid lowers the pH of the product; adding a buffer maintains the pH at a certain level. The components of a buffer mixture are in chemical equilibrium. When concentrating, diluting and introducing relatively small amounts of a substance that interacts with one component of a buffer system, the pH of such a system changes only slightly.

Common Types of Products

  • Potassium acetate

Potassium acetate is the potassium salt of acetic acid. It is used as a preservative and acidity regulator in cosmetics. It is a natural acid, present in most fruits. It is produced by bacterial fermentation and is therefore present in all fermented products.

  • Maltose acid

Maltose acid is easily soluble in water and is usually added in the aqueous phase. It can withstand high temperatures and is generally added at 0.1-2% when used as an adjuvant, and at 5-8% as an anti-aging agent. A cream with an 8% addition has excellent effects on skin firming.

  • Disodium hydrogen phosphate

Disodium hydrogen phosphate in cosmetics, skin care products is the main role of pH regulator, the risk factor is 1, relatively safe to use, for pregnant women generally have no effect, disodium hydrogen phosphate is not acne-causing.

  • Glycyl

Glycine is an amino acid component that provides skin nutrition, nourishes the skin, and has the effect of moisturizing and conditioning the skin. In cosmetics, skin care products, the main role is a moisturizer, emollient, skin conditioning agent.


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