One-stop Solution for Cosmetics

CD Formulation specializes in the development of pharmaceutical formulations and can provide end-to-end integrated solutions from pre-formulation design to final product commercial package development. Our experienced research teams in chemistry and biology, are able to effectively develop cosmetic products. Currently, our projects involve development and testing services for various types of cosmetic products, enabling us to provide more comprehensive solutions to our customers and help them commercialize their products faster.

One-stop Solution for Cosmetic Drug Formulation Development


Cosmetic drug preparations refer to beauty products that add certain drugs in cosmetics to nourish the skin, protect the skin, prevent or delay skin aging, prevent and treat certain skin diseases, such as ginseng milk, acne cream, freckle cream and other skin care and beauty products with special functions. They are all cosmetic drug preparations. The treatment of common and frequently-occurring diseases that affect beauty also belongs to beauty drugs, such as those used to treat cushion sores, hair loss, pigmentogenic diseases, etc.

One-stop Solution for Cosmetic Drug Formulation Development

Our Services

CD Formulation offers our integrated solutions for cosmetics, including:

Product Analysis and Testing (Quality Evaluation)

We identify cosmetic products by their appearance, testing for toxic and harmful substances, and irritant testing to determine whether they can be widely marketed to meet people's needs. Evaluate the efficacy of the product and its own characteristics to help the cosmetics market positioning, accelerate its commercialization.

Development of Packaging

Analytical testing of cosmetics can assist in the development of packaging. The design and development of packaging ensures the stability of the cosmetics, extending its shelf life and facilitating wider commercialization.

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