Molar Concentration of Osmotic Pressure Test

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Molar Concentration of Osmotic Pressure Test

About Osmolality Molar Concentration

Biological membranes, such as human cell membranes or capillary walls, generally have the property of semi-permeable membranes. The diffusion of a solvent through a semi-permeable membrane from a low concentration to a high concentration solution is called osmosis, and the pressure that needs to be exerted to prevent osmosis is called osmotic pressure. Osmotic pressure plays an extremely important role in various biological processes involving the diffusion of solutes or the transport of liquids through biological membranes. Therefore, when preparing pharmaceutical formulations such as injectables and ophthalmic liquid formulations, attention must be paid to their osmolarity. All preparations with added osmolality regulators in the prescription should have their osmolality molar concentration controlled.

Molar Concentration of Osmotic Pressure Test

Our Services

Based on CD Formulation's professional laboratory equipment and scientific staff, we provide professional testing services for osmolality molar concentration, which also includes the determination of osmolality molar concentration ratio. By testing the above mentioned drug parameters, we can effectively help our customers to develop drugs faster and better, and better serve the pharmaceutical industry.

Determination of molar concentration of osmolality

The molar concentration of osmolality is usually determined indirectly by measuring the freezing point drop of a solution. In an ideal dilute solution, the freezing point drop conforms to the relationship ΔTf=Kf·m, where ΔTf is the freezing point drop, Kf is the freezing point drop constant (1.86 when water is the solvent), and m is the weight molar concentration. And the osmotic pressure conforms to the relationship P0= K0·m, where P0 is the osmotic pressure, K0 is the osmotic pressure constant, and m is the weight molar concentration of the solution. Since the concentrations in the two equations are equivalent, the molar concentration of osmotic pressure of the solution can be determined by the freezing point drop method.

Determination of osmolality molar concentration ratio

The ratio of the osmolality molar concentration of the test solution and 0.9% (g/mL) sodium chloride standard solution is called the osmolality molar concentration ratio. The osmolality molar concentration of the test solution and 0.9% (g/mL) sodium chloride standard solution were determined separately by using the osmolality molar concentration tester, the method is the same as that of osmolality molar concentration determination.

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