One-stop Solution for Health Care Products

Health care products contain a certain amount of potent ingredients that can regulate the body's functions and are suitable for specific groups of people. CD Formulation provides our customers with integrated development services of health care products, including formulation development, sensory evaluation, quality assessment, and finally packaging design, with high quality services, and the best product solutions for our customers.

One-stop Solution for Health Care Products

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CD Formulation provides professional and comprehensive services in health products development, from health market marketing analysis, innovative health product development, vertically integrated supply chain, production quality assurance, and global product regulatory certification application. CD Formulation provides customized health products for efficacy and develops a wide range of health product formulations with different therapeutic effects. We are committed to providing consumers with high quality, safe and effective functional health products. As a supplier of health products services, we become your strong backing to explore the health products market.

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Effervescent tablets are a type of nutraceutical where rapid dispersion often results in the dissolution of the nutraceutical into a liquid solution and the creation of foam.

CD Formulation provides professional gummies health products development services to help clients develop a wide range of gummies in a variety of flavors and to ensure the efficacy of the supplements.

Tablet candy is a process of pressing powder into tablets instead of making granules, not ordinary candy, which does not affect the efficacy and can be used safely.

Softgel is a solid dosage form consisting of two layers of gelatin film containing semi-solid or liquid nutrients, protected by an external sealing cap.

Hard capsules are solid dosage forms in which one or more inert substances are encased in a small shell. They are a proven dosage form that can provide a solution to many of today's nutritional formulation challenges.

Tablets are a popular way to store and package finished nutraceuticals. Tablet production allows the formulation of large amounts of nutrients per serving due to their compressibility.

Powdered supplements are a common type of sports supplement. Among them, protein powder sports supplements are the most popular products.

Health drinks enhance the function of the immune system throughout the body and improve the ability to prevent and fight off disease.

CD Formulation provides development and production of high quality health products (OEM+ODM). We support formulations such as: enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs and plant extracts.

CD Formulation has high-quality, easy-to-operate and speed-stable product output platforms, including pouring systems, product delivery systems, powder managers and power recovery systems. We can perform a variety of production mold designs, produce various forms of health products, as well as provide customers with a variety of packaging forms.


  • For publicity, the use of medical terms, or terms that are easily confused with drugs, and the promotion of efficacy are strictly prohibited.
  • It is strictly forbidden to promote the effect of improving and enhancing sexual function.
  • Do not bet all on health products and ignore reasonable lifestyle and exercise, health products can not replace diet after all, but can only be a preservation measure to prevent the nutritional structure from breaking down.

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