Flour Treatment Agents

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CDF4-0091 CORN GLUTEN MEAL 66071-96-3 Inquiry
CDF4-0089 GLUTEN 8002-80-0 Inquiry
CDF4-0090 Sodium Stearyl Fumarate 4070-80-8 Inquiry

Product Introduction

Flour Treatment Agents

A flour treatment agent is any ingredient or chemical added to bread dough to enhance its texture or otherwise improve its texture. Freshly milled wheat flour is yellow in color because it contains some pigments such as carotenoids and because the dough is sticky and not easily processed or baked. However, the flour slowly turns white after storage and undergoes an aging or maturing process that can improve its baking properties. Flour treatment agents can accelerate these natural maturation processes, enhance the fermentation activity of yeast, and prevent aging. Flour treatment agents are an important part of modern factory baking, and these ingredients are usually added in small amounts.

Classification of Flour Treatment Agents

  • Flour bleaching agent

Flour bleaching agents can bleach flour by oxidizing and decolorizing the pigments that affect the color of flour.

  • Flour gluten enhancer

Flour gluten enhancers can overcome the shortcomings of low absorption rate of dough, high viscosity, poor fermentation endurance and rising endurance, easy to collapse, small volume of bread, easy to shrink and deform, and uneven organization.

  • Flour reducing agent

Flour reducing agent is used for fermented dough products. When used in combination with flour reinforcing agent, it mainly functions after the formation of the mesh structure of gluten, and its effect has a time lag, which can improve the air-holding and extension of dough, accelerate the formation of gluten, prevent the aging of dough caused by high gluten, and thus shorten the fermentation time of dough products.

  • Flour fillers

Flour filler is a kind of flour treatment agent carrier, including magnesium carbonate, calcium carbonate, in addition to the role of making trace amounts of flour treatment agent dispersed evenly, but also has the role of anti-caking agent, bulking agent, yeast nutrient, water quality improver.

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