Excipients for Liquid Dosage Form

Excipients for Liquid Dosage Form

As your ideal partner for pharmaceutical excipients, CD Formulation provides excipients for small and large molecule formulations as well as liquid formulations for different routes of administration such as injectable, ophthalmic, oral, intranasal and otologic formulations.

Liquid formulation refers to the liquid form of the drug dispersed in a suitable dispersion medium, which can be used for internal or external use. The drug can be solid, liquid or gas, dispersed as molecules, ions, colloids, droplets or particles. Dispersion medium for the solution can be called solvent, for solvents, suspensions, emulsions, called dispersants. Liquid preparations, including not only chemical drugs with different dispersion methods and dispersion degree of dispersion in a suitable dispersion medium made of liquid dispersion system, such as polymeric solvents, gum solvents, suspensions, emulsions, syrups, etc.; also includes the use of suitable leaching solvents and methods to extract the active ingredients in the herbs and the liquid preparations, that is, leaching preparations, such as soup, combination (oral solution), tincture, decoction, lotion etc.

Characteristics of Liquid Formulation

Liquid preparations are currently the most widely used in clinical practice and have the following advantages:

  • Fast absorption and rapid action.
  • Wide range of routes of administration.
  • Reflecting the comprehensive effect of compounded preparations.
  • The ability to reduce the irritation of certain drugs.
  • Masking the bad odor of drugs.
  • Increase the stability of the preparation.
  • Easy to take.

Quality Requirements for Liquid Formulation

Homogeneous liquid preparation should be a clear liquid; non-homogeneous liquid preparation drug particles should be evenly dispersed; liquid preparation concentration should be accurate; liquid preparation for oral use should have a good appearance and taste; liquid preparation for external use should be non-irritating; liquid preparation should have a certain degree of corrosion resistance, preservation and use of the process without mold; packaging containers should be suitable to facilitate the patient to carry and use the drug.

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