Health Drinks Development

Health drinks can enhance the function of the immune system of the whole body and improve the ability to prevent and resist diseases, as well as replenish essence, improve cardiovascular function and relieve human fatigue, and also improve the intellectual activity, agility and endurance of people, making them agile and efficient and improving the efficiency of work and study; in addition, they can eliminate free radicals in the body and delay the aging of the organism. Based on these excellent properties, CD Formulation has conducted the development of health drinks, including formulation development, flavor development and quality testing.

Health Drinks Development

Features of Health Drinks

  • Good health effects

The human body is a complex biological machine that requires a large amount of comprehensive nutrients to function properly. The lack of certain nutrients will bring various diseases to the human body. If you add some nutrients that are missing in the diet to the beverage, it will play a good health care role for human health.

  • Certain therapeutic effects

There are many herbs that have good curative effects on certain diseases, so extracting the effective ingredients from them and making various drinks with pleasant flavors can have good curative effects on certain diseases.

  • Better tonic effect

Many raw materials contain various nutrients that can improve the functions of the brain, heart and lungs, intestines and stomach, liver, muscles and other organs, and have a good strengthening and tonic effect, so these raw materials can be made into a variety of tonic drinks.

  • Pleasant flavor

When designing the formula of health drinks, we fully consider the selection and combination of various raw materials, and carefully design the color, aroma and taste of the drinks.

Our Services

CD Formulation, as a professional health product development team, can effectively develop all kinds of health drinks, including formulation development, flavor development and packaging development, providing customers with all-round convenience. We can help our customers control costs while ensuring that they receive professional solutions.

Service contents

  • Fortified beverage development

Fortified beverage development is done by adding certain nutrients, such as vitamins, amino acids, inorganic salts, to the formula that the human body lacks.

  • Sports drink development

Sports drink development can timely replenish water and inorganic salts lost due to high exercise, etc. By developing formulas, we can provide customers with highly effective sports drinks.

  • Therapeutic tonic beverage development

Based on our professional pharmacological knowledge, our health care product developers can provide our clients with formulation development of tonic beverages that ensure both the effectiveness for specific diseases and the palatability of the beverage.

Preparation process of health drinks

  • Selection and cleaning of raw materials
  • Juicing/extraction and filtration
  • Blending
  • Deaeration and homogenization
  • Sterilization and cooling
  • Concentration and packaging

Quality Control

CD Formulation has a professional quality control department, which can perform a series of product quality tests on the prepared health drinks, including appearance inspection, active ingredient content testing, relative density testing, which are very effective in controlling the quality of health drinks.

If you have a requirement about our services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.

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