Thermal Shrinkage Test of Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials

Heat shrinkage test is mainly used to evaluate the shrinkage performance of pharmaceutical packaging materials when exposed to heat. Film is the most used packaging material, with its non-toxic, light weight, beautiful packaging and low cost, it permeates in all aspects of industrial and agricultural products and daily life products. Polypropylene film (PP) is the most widely used, and it is an important flexible packaging material that can be used in the packaging of pharmaceuticals. Compared with other plastics, PP film has low price, low specific gravity, excellent mechanical properties, good abrasion resistance and chemical stability, and is easy to process. Plastic films used for flexible packaging of commodities must meet various requirements of packaging materials, such as good stability, safety, aesthetics, economy, etc. Therefore, in actual production, various performance tests must be conducted on plastic films, such as film tensile strength testing, barrier testing, heat sealing performance testing, friction coefficient testing, film aesthetics, etc. The heat shrinkage rate of the film is directly related to the aesthetics of the film. In the packaging process, the film must be flat and tightly fitted to the surface of the goods without wrinkles. CD Formulation can provide customers with heat shrinkage rate testing of plastic films to ensure the shape and dimensional accuracy of the products.

Thermal Shrinkage Test of Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials

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There are various methods for testing the heat shrinkage rate of films, among which, the standard test method for free linear heat shrinkage rate of plastic films and sheets of international standards and other standards for testing the free linear heat shrinkage rate of plastic films and sheets use heating in a liquid medium, placing the film in a free shrinkage state in a liquid bath at a set temperature for a period of time, removing it, measuring the change in size, testing, etc.

We provide services such as heat shrinkage testing, product solutions, and professional data analysis.

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