Adhesive Dispersion-Type System with Adhesive Development

Adhesive dispersion- type system is a simplified form of membrane permeation control system. Drug reservoirs are formulated by dispersing the drug directly into the adhesive polymer. The drug reservoir is formed by dispersing the drug in the adhesive polymer and then spreading the drug-containing polymer adhesive by solvent casting or melting the adhesive (in the case of hot-melt adhesives) onto an impermeable backing layer. The drug reservoir layer is then covered with a constant thickness of non-drug rate controlled adhesive polymer to produce an adhesive diffusion controlled drug delivery system. The system is characterized by thin dosage forms, ease of production, and the ability to deliver drugs to all skin-contact surfaces.

Flow chart for preparation of adhesive dispersion-type system provided by CD Formulation. Fig.1 Flow chart for preparation of adhesive dispersion-type system.

Advanced Adhesive Solutions for Drug Delivery Systems

Adhesive Dispersion-Type System with Adhesive Development

CD Formulation offers transdermal absorption adhesives that are used on the skin and have ideal solubility properties for many drugs. CD Formulation offers a wide range of adhesive polymers with different chemical compositions and performance properties, so you are sure to find a product to match your dosage form. We recognize the many challenges presented by newer drugs and we are willing to develop custom adhesive compositions for you.

Choosing the right binder is critical to achieving the desired efficacy. Drug flow, binder loading capacity, binder enhancer tolerance, systemic stability, skin compatibility, binder length of use and even appearance are all critical factors for commercial success.

Bioadhesive Development

CD Formulation can perform the development of bioadhesive technologies for optimal topical delivery or mucosal delivery to different absorption sites. Bioadhesives offer greater bioadhesive properties and drug loading capacity, and allow the mucosa to remain flexible.

Applications of Bioadhesive Transdermal Patches


The bioadhesive mini-tablets provided by CD Formulation rapidly adsorb to the ocular mucosa until they are all gone. They are particularly suitable for sterilization due to their longer duration of action than eye drops and gels, and their resistance to gamma radiation.


CD Formulation bioadhesive powders adsorb immediately to the nasal mucosa until they disappear completely. Customers can take advantage of its high drug loading capacity and nasal residence time to maximize bioavailability.

Oral Cavity

The bioadhesives provided by CD Formulation adhere to the oral mucosa within seconds until they disappear completely. No support layer is required and these bioadhesives are highly bioavailable with flexible tablet sizes that can incorporate film, powder or film-forming ingredients.

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