Total Organic Carbon Test

Total Organic Carbon (TOC) is a very sensitive test used to ensure that systems or packaged drugs entering a facility contain safe levels of organic compounds for use in pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing. Whether these contaminants come from process fluids or cleaning agents, any organic and water-soluble compound can be monitored using TOC analysis. TOC is a good test for routine monitoring and is a valuable analytical technique used by organizations and laboratories to determine the suitability of solutions for their processes.

Total Organic Carbon Test

How is total organic carbon measured?

Total Organic Carbon can be measured using a TOC analyzer. This works by oxidizing organic compounds into a form that can be quantified. Oxidation of organic carbon produces carbon dioxide, which can then be measured and converted to a TOC measurement. TOC analysis involves calculating this measurement and subtracting the amount of "inorganic carbon", i.e., dissolved carbon dioxide and carbonates.

Total Organic Carbon Test

Total Organic Carbon Determination

CD Formulation offers professional pharmaceutical TOC testing. TOC is measured using the combustion method and therefore oxidizes all organic matter, which is a more direct representation of total organic matter than BOD, or COD.

Total organic carbon test method

The sample is introduced into the high temperature combustion tube and low temperature reaction tube together with purified air (dried and carbon dioxide removed), and the sample through the high temperature combustion tube is subjected to high temperature catalytic oxidation, which converts both organic compounds and inorganic carbonates into carbon dioxide. The sample in the low-temperature reaction tube is acidified and the inorganic carbonates are decomposed into carbon dioxide; the generated carbon dioxide is introduced into the non-dispersive infrared detector in turn. Since infrared rays of a certain wavelength can be selected by carbon dioxide absorption, the intensity of carbon dioxide absorption of infrared rays in a certain concentration range is proportional to the concentration of carbon dioxide, so the total carbon (TC) and inorganic carbon (IC) of water samples can be quantitatively determined. The difference between total carbon and inorganic carbon, for the total organic carbon (TOC).

Total Organic Carbon Test

Total organic carbon test steps

  1. Commissioning of the instrument
    Commission the TOC analyzer, select the sensitivity, measurement range, total carbon combustion tube temperature and carrier gas flow, and preheat the instrument until the baseline is stable.
  2. Sample injection
    Differential subtraction measurement method: the acidified sample should be neutralized with sodium hydroxide solution to neutral before measurement, inject the total carbon combustion tube and inorganic carbon reaction tube in turn, and measure the peak height or peak area of the corresponding absorption peak appearing on the recorder.
  3. Blank test
    Carry out the blank test according to the procedure described in step 2.
  4. Calibration curve plotting
    In each group of six 50 mL stoppered cuvettes, add different amounts of organic carbon standard solution and inorganic carbon standard solution, dilute to the standard line with distilled water, and mix well. From the measured absorption peak height of the standard series solution, the peak height of the absorption peak of the blank test was subtracted to obtain the corrected absorption peak height. The calibration curves of organic carbon and inorganic carbon were plotted by the concentration of the standard series solution and the corresponding corrected absorption peak height, respectively.

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