Color Fixative

Cat.No. Product Name CAS Inquiry
CDF4-0029 1-[(2,5-dimethoxyphenyl)azo]-2-naphthol 6358-53-8 Inquiry
CDF4-0028 Canthaxanthin 514-78-3 Inquiry
CDF4-0020 CHLOROPHYLL 1406-65-1 Inquiry
CDF4-0024 Chlorophyll A 479-61-8 Inquiry
CDF4-0022 CROCIN 42553-65-1 Inquiry
CDF4-0026 Enocyanin 11029-12-2 Inquiry
CDF4-0025 LACCAIC ACID 60687-93-6 Inquiry
CDF4-0023 Lycopene 502-65-8 Inquiry
CDF4-0027 PATENT BLUE V 3536-49-0 Inquiry
CDF4-0021 Quinoline Yellow 8004-92-0 Inquiry

Product Introduction

Color Fixative

Food ingredients that can increase the color of food, improve the sensory properties and enhance appetite. Coloring agent is to make food coloring and improve the color of food substances, usually including food synthetic coloring and food natural coloring two categories. Natural food colorants are mainly from natural pigments, synthetic food colorants are mainly based on some special chemical groups or color-generating groups for synthesis. Whether natural food coloring agents or synthetic food coloring agents, their safety should be treated equally. As long as the relevant national standards of testing, in accordance with the standard provisions and the corresponding quality specifications required to regulate the use is safe and will not bring harm to the health of consumers.

Food Color Fixative Characteristics

  • Natural coloring agents are more natural and soft in tone, synthetic coloring agents are brightly colored and welcomed by consumers.
  • Natural colorants have no toxic side effects on humans. Synthetic colorants have strong coloring power, easy to dissolve, odorless and tasteless, cheap.
  • Synthetic colorants are not sensitive to light and heat, metals, acids and bases, oxidants.
  • Some colorants can be used as natural antioxidants and natural preservatives.
  • Colorants also have nutritional value and pharmacological effects, food coloring agents in the medical field also have great prospects for application.

Stabilizing Factors of Color Fixative

  • Light
  • Temperature
  • Acid and alkalinity
  • Metal ions
  • Antioxidants and reducing agents
  • Some compounds such as sucrose, alum, tartaric acid salt
  • Solubility

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