Other Disintegrants

Cat.No. Product Name CAS Inquiry
PE-0659 Croscarmellose sodium 9033-79-8 Inquiry
PE-0223 Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose 9004-65-3 Inquiry
PE-0222 Methyl cellulose 9004-67-5 Inquiry
PE-0224 Starch 9005-25-8 Inquiry

About Disintegrants

Disintegrants play a vital yet understated role in ensuring medications break down swiftly once administered. Here at CD Formulations, we're dedicated to supplying high-quality disintegrants that empower both drug development and quality assurance worldwide. Whether a client needs bulk powders or customized formulation solutions, our extensive product selection and specialized services have them covered.

Mechanism of Action of Disintegrants

Other Disintegrants

  • Wicking and Swelling

Disintegrants, such as cross-linked polymers or starch derivatives, possess the ability to absorb water and swell. When the dosage form comes into contact with fluids, disintegrants rapidly absorb the liquid, causing them to swell and create pressure within the tablet or capsule. This swelling action generates mechanical stress and disrupts the integrity of the solid matrix, leading to the disintegration of the dosage form.

  • Capillary Action

Disintegrants with capillary action, such as cellulose-based materials, utilize the phenomenon of capillary wicking. These materials have fine channels or pores that can absorb fluids through capillary forces. As the disintegrant absorbs water, it creates a capillary network within the tablet or capsule, promoting the flow of liquid into the solid matrix and facilitating its disintegration.

  • Gas Formation

Compounds like sodium bicarbonate and citric acid react upon contact with liquids to release carbon dioxide bubbles. The gas formation aids in the disruption of the solid matrix, leading to rapid disintegration and drug release.

  • Enzymatic Action

Enzymatic disintegrants, such as lysozyme or pancreatin, utilize enzymatic activity to facilitate disintegration. These enzymes can degrade or hydrolyze specific components of the tablet or capsule, weakening the solid matrix and promoting its breakdown. Enzymatic disintegrants are particularly useful in formulations containing complex matrices or resistant excipients.

Precautions for Storage of Disintegrants

  • Store in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight. Many disintegrants are hygroscopic and can absorb moisture from the air, which can impact their effectiveness.
  • Controlling the temperature is important as well. Excessive heat can cause some disintegrants to melt or degrade prematurely.
  • For moisture-sensitive disintegrants, desiccant packets inside containers can help absorb excess moisture and maintain low humidity levels.
  • Strict pest control is necessary, as rodents or insects could damage bags or boxes and contaminate disintegrant powders.

If you are interested in our disintegrants or have suggestions, please feel free to contact us! We will serve you wholeheartedly and jointly promote the progress and development of the pharmaceutical industry.

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