Tablet Candy Health Products Development

Pressed tablet candy is a process of pressing the powder into tablets instead of making granules, which is not an ordinary kind of candy and does not affect the efficacy and can be used with confidence. CD Formulation has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical and health product development industry and can provide integrated solutions for product development.

Tablet Candy Health Products Development

The Role of Tablet Candy Health Products

There are many tablet supplements on the market that are health supplements, each with its own efficacy and effects. Pressed tablet candy can remove body waste, strengthen the metabolism of human cellular substances, prevent musculoskeletal aging, balance human blood pressure, decompose body cholesterol, reduce body fat, restore blood vessel elasticity, diuretic and clear heat, excite the central nervous system, improve the number of white blood cells, enhance human immunity and other significant effects.

Supplementation of tablet candy, a health food, it not only relieves fatigue, but also helps to improve the body's immunity, so that people who are prone to colds, slowly feel relaxed.

In addition to the above-mentioned effects, it can also replenish the body's fluid and other substances, which can help the heart, liver, spleen, lungs, kidneys and other organs. It can also moisten the lungs, nourish the stomach and produce body fluid, strengthen the brain and brighten the eyes, so it is helpful to most people.

Our Services

CD Formulation provides professional health product development services for our clients. We have a full range of integrated services to help our clients through every step of the product development process. We can strictly control every step of the product development process, starting from the formulation development to the product evaluation and finally the quality control. We can not only add the active ingredients of health products into the products, but also pay high attention to the flavor and taste of the products, and help customers reduce the cost of development.

Single factor experiment

We examine the effect of different additive amounts on the quality of pressed tablet candy, analyze the appearance of candy, pressing effect, taste and other factors, and choose the best amount to add.

Orthogonal test

The orthogonal test is used to further optimize the formulation process of the pressed tablet candy health products, and the orthogonal design experiment is conducted again on the raw materials to determine the optimal product formulation. And experimental verification is conducted to prove the reliability of the results.

Product sensory evaluation

Flavor, taste, and appearance factors are evaluated for the pressed tablet confectionery health products to ensure that the products are easily liked by customers.

Quality evaluation of pressed tablet confectionery health products

Monitoring of the product is performed to check the difference in tablet weight, hardness and fragility of the product in order to ensure that the product meets the regulations and requirements of the international market.

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