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Liquid dosage forms is pourable pharmaceutical preparations,it is also one of the oldest dosage form used in the treatment of patients and affords rapid and high absorption of medicinal products. Liquid dosage form contains a mixture of active pharmaceutical ingredients and non-pharmaceutical ingredients (excipients) dissolved or suspended in a suitable solvent or mixtures of solvents. They are administered by oral and parenteral (injection, inhalation, ophthalmology, ear canal, nasal cavity and topical) routes. Oral liquids are non-sterile, while liquids administered by parenteral routes are available in sterile and non-sterile formulations.

Liquid dosage forms.Fig.1 Liquid dosage forms.

The team of CD Formulation is leading experts in all aspects of pharmaceutical formulation development and dosage form optimization, we can accord the characteristics of the API and the development goals of the customers to design the liquid dosage forms. CD Formulation can provide you with one-stop services to meet your needs of liquid dosage forms.

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