Packaging Design Services for Pharmaceuticals

Drug packaging is an important basis for patients to identify, select and use drugs, and with the continuous reform of the medical system and the strict implementation of the drug classification and management system, drug packaging design has shown an increasingly important role in the drug business circulation. CD Formulation can collaborate with other design and testing teams to test pharmaceutical packaging according to the client's requirements, or to advise on the design and operation of pharmaceutical products.

Packaging Design Services for Pharmaceuticals

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Pharmaceutical packaging design requires five steps, including packaging material selection, compatibility testing of drug and packaging, packaging size and structure design, packaging print content design, and packaging protection performance confirmation.

1. Determine the drug packaging materials according to the characteristics of the drug and the characteristics of various types of packaging materials.

2. The compatibility of drugs and packaging materials is investigated by taking 3 batches of drugs in the packaging containers and testing the changes of drug properties, content and related substances according to the light test, acceleration test and long-term test.

3. Package size and structure design.

package size design to meet the basic use of function, but not to over-packaging, to avoid waste of resources; packaging structure as simple as possible to meet the automation of equipment; outer packaging with corrugated boxes, in addition to the size and structure design, but also need to consider the compressive strength of the carton can meet the requirements.

4. The design of packaging printing content.

5. Packaging protection performance confirmation. After the design of all packaging should be pressure test, stacking test, vibration test, drop test and other methods to determine whether the packaging protection is sufficient to complete the above steps to determine the entire package design of drugs.

The Advantages of Our Services

The safety of pharmaceutical packaging design is guaranteed, our testing is professional and qualified to ensure the safety of drugs.

Adapting to the market demand of drugs, the perfect drug packaging design should adapt to the needs of market competition, meet the consumer concept of patients, and fully demonstrate the brand image of the enterprise.

Adapt to the needs of patients, drug packaging design needs to give patients peace of mind, comfortable, trustworthy feeling.

Advantages of drug package design services provided by CD Formulation

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