Cationic Liposome Development

Cationic liposomes are the key components of liposome delivery systems. The heads of cationic lipids mostly contain amine groups ranging from simple amino groups to quaternary ammonium salts substituted with methyl or hydroxyethyl groups. The polar heads of cationic lipids play a role in the intercalation of liposomes with DNA, liposome-DNA complexes with cell membranes or other intracellular components. Among cationic cholesterol derivatives, cationic cholesterol compounds with tertiary amine groups have higher transfection viability and are much less toxic than quaternary ammonium salt compounds. Cationic liposomes with multivalent polar head groups or with multiple positively charged polar heads are more efficiently transfected, probably because of its stronger binding to DNA.

Cationic Liposome Technology Services

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Cationic Liposome Development Services

Development of cationic liposomes requires a balance between delivery efficiency and cytotoxicity. The cytotoxicity of cationic liposomes depends on the structure of their hydrophilic head groups, e.g., amphiphiles containing quaternary ammonium head groups are more toxic than amphiphiles containing tertiary amines. CD Formulation offers solutions to address the cytotoxicity of cationic liposomes, helping them to better deliver active substances.

Customized Cationic Liposome Services

CD Formulation provides customization services for cationic liposomes based on market and customer needs, combined with the extensive experience of our laboratory staff. Our customizable products include: cationic liposomes modified by glycans, cationic liposomes modified by amino acids and peptides, cationic liposomes modified by tartaric acid, cationic liposomes modified by cyclic compounds, cationic liposomes modified by folic acid, cationic liposomes with carbamate as a linker, etc. In addition to customization services, we also provide product solutions to solve customers' problems encountered in the preparation of liposomes.

Cationic Liposome Technology Development Services

Based on the development of liposome technology, CD Formulation has been developing cationic liposome technology to improve the drug loading capacity of liposomes, which can be used to effectively load negatively charged drugs, such as nucleic acid drugs.

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Cationic Liposome Technology Services
  • Professional experimental staff and rich experience with high level of technical process in the industry.
  • Efficient technical delivery efficiency, with R&D work completed in an average of 5 months.
  • Coverage of various formulation processes and procedures in the pharmaceutical industry, applicable to the development of drugs and drug transport methods, and package compatibility studies.
  • High-quality customized services, targeted analysis and studies for customer projects, and meeting various regulatory and standardization requirements.

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CD Formulation provides integrated innovation solutions from strategy to implementation to help you increase opportunities and address challenges. Through our in-depth experience in many different industries, including consumer and technology, we bring innovative solutions and cross-industry best practices to drug development. If you have a requirement about our services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.

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