Cosmetic Chemical Abrasives

Cat.No. Product Name CAS Inquiry
CDC10-0003 Aluminum oxide 1344-28-1 Inquiry
CDC10-0004 Aluminum silicate 1327-36-2 Inquiry
CDC10-0007 Calcium carbonate 471-34-1 Inquiry
CDC10-0005 Calcium phosphate dibasic 7757-93-9 Inquiry
CDC10-0012 Calcium phosphate dibasic dihydrate 7789-77-7 Inquiry
CDC10-0009 Calcium phosphate monobasic monohydrate 10031-30-8 Inquiry
CDC10-0025 Calcium phosphate tribasic 12167-74-7 Inquiry
CDC10-0017 Cellulose microcrystalline 9004-34-6 Inquiry
CDC10-0010 Chitin 1398-61-4 Inquiry
CDC10-0011 Diatomaceous Earth 68855-54-9 Inquiry

About Our Cosmetic Chemical Abrasives

Chemical abrasives are commonly used ingredients in cosmetics that bring superior exfoliation and scrubbing benefits to skincare products. At CD Formulation, we offer a wide variety of abrasives and are able to customize cosmetic abrasives to meet each client's unique needs. We understand that every formulation is different, which is why we offer the flexibility to match the scrub particles with your preferred surfactants, emollients and fragrances.

How to Choose Cosmetic Chemical Abrasives?

  • Abrasive Ingredients

The ingredients of cosmetic abrasives should be compatible with other ingredients in your cosmetic formula. Our product range is versatile and can be paired with any ingredient in your product.

  • Fineness of Chemical Abrasives

The fineness of the abrasives directly affects the texture and effect of cosmetics. The smaller the particles of the abrasive, the finer the texture of the cosmetic and the stronger the covering power. But at the same time, abrasives that are too fine may clog pores and burden the skin. We have abrasive products in a variety of particle sizes for you to choose from.

  • Stability of Chemical Abrasives

Stability testing is crucial for assuring an abrasive maintains quality over time. Our ingredients undergo rigorous analysis in multiple scenarios.

  • Source of Chemical Abrasives

Using natural extracts combined with advanced synthesis, we craft solutions maximizing strength yet stability. Transparency is also key, and we will gain full disclosure of raw material sources.

  • Price of Chemical Abrasives

While some options command a higher price tag, superior attributes deliver worthwhile value. Consultation helps determine the cost-saving choice to meet your needs and budget.

Applications of Our Cosmetic Chemical Abrasives

Cosmetic Chemical Abrasives

Cosmetic chemical abrasives are incorporated into various skincare and personal care products, including cleansers, scrubs, masks, serums and exfoliating treatments. They offer several benefits, including:

  • Exfoliation: Chemical abrasives effectively remove dead skin cells, dirt, and impurities from the skin's surface, restoring a smoother and more even complexion.
  • Skin Renewal: By promoting cell turnover, chemical abrasives support the growth of new, healthy skin cells, resulting in a fresher and more youthful appearance.
  • Improved Absorption: Exfoliating the skin with chemical abrasives enhances the penetration and absorption of other skincare ingredients, such as moisturizers and serums, allowing them to work more effectively.
  • Skin Brightening: Regular use of chemical abrasives can help reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, and dullness, revealing a brighter and more radiant complexion.

CD Formulation can provide customized services for cosmetic chemical abrasives based on customers' specific needs and product characteristics. We look forward to cooperating with you!

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