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CDC10-0572 Acacia decurrens, ext. 98903-76-5 Inquiry
CDC10-0573 Acacia saligna leaf extract Inquiry
CDCI-A001 Water Solubility Salicylic Acid Inclusion Complex Inquiry

Product Introduction


An astringent is a chemical that contracts or shrinks body tissues. People use astringents for many reasons, but the main benefits include reducing acne, tightening skin, shrinking/unclogging pores, and cleansing the skin. Commonly used astringents include metal salt astringents such as zinc phenolsulfonate, zinc sulfate, zinc chloride, alum, aluminum chloride, aluminum sulfate, aluminum phenolsulfonate, etc. Plant extracts with astringent effects, such as witch hazel extract, have also appeared in the market.

Effects of Astringents

  • Skin tightening

One of the most common reasons for using astringents is to tighten the skin. This helps to tighten the tissues, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and increase youthfulness. Regular use of astringents can also slow down the aging process of the skin.

  • Shrinkage/unclogging of pores

When astringent substances cause pores to shrink, they also prevent these pores from clogging. This makes it easier to wipe off or remove excess irritants and oils from the skin. Using these compounds will also reduce the appearance of pores on your skin, providing a smoother appearance.

Oily skin: The main function of an astringent is to remove oil from the skin. If you feel that your face has a constant shine and you are prone to acne on your face, eliminating these excess oils is one of the main benefits of using this medicinal substance.

  • Reduces acne

Astringents are particularly effective if you are prone to acne, which can lead to extreme inflammation of your pores, often a characteristic of oily skin. A substance that shrinks pores, eliminates oil, and reduces inflammation is exactly what you want.

  • Complete Cleansing

Many astringent products will also have antibacterial additives or antiseptics, which will keep your skin free from bacterial infections.

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