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CDC10-0623 23g Plain tencel Inquiry
CDC10-0684 23g Plain tencel Inquiry
CDC10-0621 2401A/B Inquiry
CDC10-0682 2401A/B Inquiry
CDC10-0619 2502 Tencel Mask Inquiry
CDC10-0680 2502 Tencel Mask Inquiry
CDC10-0620 259 Mesh Tencel Mask Inquiry
CDC10-0681 259 Mesh Tencel Mask Inquiry
CDC10-0710 Actinoside mask Inquiry
CDC10-0632 Active Charcoal Mask Inquiry

About Mask


In today's fast-paced beauty industry, cosmetic products have become more than just personal care essentials. They have transformed into an experience, an expression of individuality, and a moment of self-care. Among these products, facial masks have gained tremendous popularity due to their ability to provide targeted skincare benefits and a luxurious pampering experience. At CD Formulation, we understand the importance of delivering exceptional cosmetic packaging materials that not only protect and preserve the integrity of facial masks but also enhance their appeal and functionality.

How to Choose Mask?

  • Product Type

Choose breathable, hydrophilic or bamboo charcoal-infused materials according to the mask's hydrating, cooling or detoxifying function.

  • Durability

Materials need to withstand manufacturing, transportation and consumer handling without damage or leakage. Consider barrier and strength properties.

  • Sustainability

Choose masks made from renewable plant fibers like sugar cane, bamboo or wood pulp to reduce your environmental impact.

  • Application Method

Materials should be thin and flexible to contour the face without tearing. Easy-grip edges allow smooth product deposition.

  • Budget

Balancing eco-friendliness, performance and aesthetic appeal at a reasonable price point is key.

Advantages of Our Masks

  • Sustainability: Packages are made from renewable plant fibers like bamboo, sugarcane and wood pulp to reduce waste.
  • Skin Benefits: Masks infused with ingredients like bamboo charcoal and hyaluronic acid offer additional skincare advantages.
  • Flexibility: Thin yet durable materials contour nicely to the face without tearing for a comfortable application.
  • Breathability: Masks made from cellulose allow skin to breathe while hydrating or cooling gels work.
  • Barrier Properties: Multilayer construction provides excellent moisture, oxygen and particle blocking to maintain freshness.
  • Customization: Logo debossing, colors and decorative foiling give brands opportunities to stand out on shelves.

At CD Formulation, we value collaborative partnerships with our clients. Our team of experts is dedicated to understanding your specific packaging goals, challenges and market trends and can provide you with mask-related customized services. Contact us today to explore the endless possibilities of our mask packaging materials!

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