Direct Compression Excipients

CD Formulation offers direct compression excipients, and we have pharmacy-related researchers and laboratory staff, as well as professional laboratory equipment, to provide product purity and properties to meet your requirements. In addition to bringing you products, we also provide customized direct compression excipients and product solutions to help you solve the problems encountered in the drug development process.

About Direct Compression Excipients

Direct Compression ExcipientsDirect tablet refers to the dry ingredients are fully mixed and pressed into tablets. This eliminates the drying step associated with wet granulation methods. It also reduces the higher costs involved in wet pelleting, including increased equipment, labor, time, process validation and energy consumption. Direct compression requires the use of excipients with strictly defined properties.

Types of Direct Compression Excipients

The types of direct tablet pressing agents are divided into the following parts:

1. Elastic Excipients

Elastic excipients are excipients that are deformed after being stressed and then restored to their original state after being relieved, such as starch based direct compression excipients (also viscous).

2. Plastic Excipients

Plastic excipients are particles of matter that are deformed after being compressed by force but do not recover elasticity after the force is removed. These materials include microcrystalline cellulose, etc.

3. Fragile Excipients

Fragile excipient refers to the material particles that become smaller after strong compression, such as lactose and dicalcium phosphate.

Different excipients have different compressibility and range of use, and different sensitivity to magnesium stearate due to their different properties. If the sensitivity is strong, the softening effect of the membrane is obvious.

Direct Compression Excipients

Cutting-edge Premixed Excipients

Direct compression premixed auxiliary material, which means that a single preparation agent is mixed together to have better properties than a single preparation agent, includes the following:

  • Maintain the chemical properties of various single excipients, because the pre-mixed excipients only change the physical properties, and each single excipient still retains its original properties, and the chemical properties, toxic and side effects are uniformly changed.
  • Combining the functions of each single excipient, premixed excipients will play their respective roles in the complete formulation of the unique properties of each component of the single excipient.
  • It has a strict formula composition, and any single excipient may interact when mixed. The pre-mixed excipient is a complete product that meets various technical requirements such as active drug compatibility and other technical requirements through a large number of prescription screening and adjustment of the proportion of each excipient. prescription. Therefore, the ratio of any component in the premixed auxiliary materials cannot be changed.
  • Save production time and cost. In the research and development process, the application of pre-mixed excipients saves the original prescription screening process of repeatedly mixing various excipients. Only one type of pre-mixed excipients is required and reasonable.

Advantages of Direct Compression Excipients

Direct Compression Excipients

  • Reduced the number of excipients in the formulation.
  • No need to use super disintegrants.
  • Meet the high-speed production of tablets.
  • Professionally used in the pharmaceutical industry.

CD Formulation is a leading manufacturer of excipients that help improve the performance of pharmaceuticals and other products in the pharmaceutical industry. We develop, manufacture and market pharmaceutical excipients in solid, semi-solid and liquid dosage forms. If you have any requirements on excipients, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email in time, our colleagues will reply to you within 2-4 working days.

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