Ointment Base

Cat.No. Product Name CAS Inquiry
PE-0265 Aluminum Stearate 637-12-7 Inquiry
PE-0266 Arachis oil 8002-03-7 Inquiry
PE-0268 Corn Oil 8001-30-7 Inquiry
PE-0260 Cottonseed oil 8001-29-4 Inquiry
PE-0273 D-Tartaric acid 147-71-7 Inquiry
PE-0271 Glycerol monostearate 31566-31-1 Inquiry
PE-0259 Lanolin 8006-54-0 Inquiry
PE-0270 Lanolin 8006-54-0 Inquiry
PE-0263 Octadecylamine 204-695-3 Inquiry
PE-0269 Paraffin 8012-95-1 Inquiry

Product Introduction

Ointment base is a drug excipient used as a carrier or vehicle for the active ingredient in topical formulations. It is the main component of the formulation and provides the physical structure, consistency and texture of the final product.

Categories of Ointment Base

  • Absorbent matrices

These are ointment bases that contain a mixture of water and oil; they are usually more readily absorbed into the skin and are less greasy than hydrocarbon bases.

  • Washable bases

These are ointment bases that consist of a mixture of oil and water, along with an emulsifier to help keep these two phases together.

  • Water-soluble bases

These ointment bases consist of a mixture of water-soluble polymers. They are usually non-greasy and wash off easily with water.

Factors Affecting Ointment Bases

Ointment matrices play a key role in determining the effectiveness, stability and usability of the final product and can have a significant impact on patient outcomes. The following factors currently need to be considered when examining the ointment base.

  • Skin permeability

The ability of active ingredients to penetrate the skin can be influenced by the type of ointment base used. Water soluble bases may provide better penetration due to their ability to moisturize the skin.

  • Stability

The choice of ointment base can affect the stability of the active ingredient. For example, certain active ingredients may degrade or become less effective in certain types of ointment matrices.

  • Patient preference

The choice of ointment matrix can also affect patient compliance and satisfaction.

  • Formulation requirements

The desired texture, consistency and appearance of the final product may also influence the choice of ointment base. The choice of ointment base should be carefully considered in light of the specific needs of the formulation and the intended use of the end product.

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