Prescription Screening Process Analysis

CD Formulation provides you with pre-prescription studies, pre-prescription studies for pharmaceutical formulations, professional pre-prescription services and mining valuable information for very small amounts of active pharmaceutical ingredients or candidate compounds with drug-forming properties.

Prescription Screening Process Analysis


Pre-prescription studies are an important prerequisite for the development of formulation prescribing process, which provides an important basis for the assessment of the drug-forming properties of compounds, the route of administration and dosage form selection of products, the design of prescribing process and quality control, and is a solid foundation for the development of safe, effective and quality-controlled drugs. Pre-prescription formulation analysis is the analysis of the physical and chemical properties of a drug when used alone or in combination with excipients. Early prediction of these properties will yield information useful to formulators in developing stable and safe dosage forms with good bioavailability. At CD Formulation, our research team not only has expertise in handling the most complex formulations, but also has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry and contract service organizations.

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Prescription Screening Process Analysis

Systematic preformulation studies will effectively guide the design of clinical formulations of drugs and the development of safe and effective, stable and controlled, easy-to-use formulations. Based on CD Formulation's strong hardware and technical capabilities in the field of preformulation analysis, we can provide a full range of preformulation services, including crystallographic screening and solid-state characterization, and physicochemical and biopharmacological characterization of APIs. Our materials science department can also characterize the physical properties of formulations and provide practical guidance for formulation process design and problem solving, thus ensuring the full lifecycle technology development of our clients' products.

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Our staff takes pride in solving your drug development challenges. Our goal is to help your molecules move quickly through early-stage trials and prepare you for commercial success. Whether you work with us in the early or late stages, we draw on our years of experience and deep expertise to achieve industry-leading performance.

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  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Oral liquids

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  • We work with several specialized teams that can complete various types of service projects to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • We provide a full range of integrated services, from pre-prescription, to characterization analysis testing of formulations, our team provides you with comprehensive services.
  • We can perform one-on-one project services to efficiently complete your project needs.

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