Toxicological Risk Assessments

CD Formulation is a professional cosmetic testing service provider with comprehensive technical support and extensive testing experience, focusing on cosmetic testing and certification for companies. CD Formulation's toxicological risk assessment determines whether the ingredients in a cosmetic product pose a potential risk to the measured toxicological endpoint and, if required, can be modified to include suggested labeling phrases that may be required on the product packaging.

Toxicological Risk Assessments


Toxicological Risk Assessment (TRA), which evaluates the toxicological properties of each ingredient in a cosmetic product and the toxicological properties of a cosmetic product when these ingredients are mixed, and assesses the potential health risks in the context of the product's exposure during actual use, while also reviewing whether the product meets the relevant legal and regulatory requirements of each country or region, with the goal of determining the human health safety of the product for the relevant use. The Toxicological Risk Assessment report must be signed by a qualified toxicologist.

Our Services

Assessment of the toxicity of each chemical component of the formulation used in the manufacture of the cosmetic.

  • Evaluate the hazard or "inherent" toxicity of each component of a cosmetic, such as acute toxicity, skin/eye irritation, potential skin sensitization, reproductive, genotoxic or carcinogenic activity, in relation to the potential for consumer exposure to the chemical.
  • The combination of ingredients in a cosmetic formulation may produce synergistic or unpredictable side effects.

Information to be provided by the customer

CD Formulation toxicologists can conduct toxicological risk assessments of cosmetic products to help companies control product safety. When conducting a cosmetic toxicological risk assessment needs to determine that it can provide the following valid materials.

  • Product ingredient list and corresponding content
  • MSDS for all ingredients
  • IFRA certificates for flavor ingredients

Our Advantages

Authoritative reports from qualified and certified toxicologists

All TRA reports are signed by a DBAT (American Board of Toxicology Accreditation) certified by the American Board of Toxicology.

Comprehensive, detailed and rigorous assessment process

Our TRA service places emphasis on giving our clients authoritative certification, but also on a comprehensive, meticulous and rigorous assessment process.

Customized service flexibility to meet the requirements of different products

The development of our TRA service starts with a rigorous and reasonable product analysis to adopt different assessment strategies for different product characteristics and corresponding use exposure situations. Under the premise of ensuring scientific and rigorous assessment results, we provide efficient customized services.

One step to ensure the validity of the report under different regulatory systems worldwide

The TRA certified by our experts is highly adaptable and can be applied to the requirements of various important global regulatory systems, including the United States, the European Union, Canada, Australia, etc.

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