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Poor solubility and low bioavailability of drugs are an important link that affects drug development. CD Formulation provides a variety of ways to improve these shortcomings of drugs, including physical and chemical methods. Among them, physical modification methods include eutectic method in addition to nano-grinding and micronization. Co-crystal refers to the crystal formed by the combination of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and co-crystal former (CCF) under the action of hydrogen bonds or other non-covalent bonds, wherein the pure state of API and CCF is solid at room temperature. The CCF in the drug co-crystal formation process can include physiologically acceptable acid-base salts and non-ionizing molecules, such as food additives, preservatives, pharmaceutical excipients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other active molecules. They can bind to API in the same lattice through non-covalent bonds such as hydrogen bonding, π-π stacking, van der Waals forces, etc. Chemically, the API molecule itself does not change, so the original drug effect is still maintained, while the solubility, bioavailability and stability of co-crystal drugs will be greatly improved, especially for some oral drug formulation development has a very positive effect.

Schematic diagram of drug co-crystalsFig.1 Schematic diagram of drug co-crystals

Our Services

CD Formulation has professional pharmaceutical researchers who can provide services for customers' drug development. If you have insoluble or poorly soluble pharmaceutical active ingredients, please contact us in time, we have a drug co-crystal service to improve the bioavailability and solubility of the drug, and let us transform your product from concept to commercialization. Our services include the following:

Develop product solutions according to customer requirements.

Complete test data.

Analysis report of professional researchers.

Application of Drug Co-crystals

1. Improve drug stability

The stability of a drug is an important indicator of a drug. If the drug is unstable, it may affect the bioavailability of the drug, thereby affecting the efficacy of the drug.

2. Improve solubility

Co-crystal technology can also improve the solubility of drugs. Some drugs have poor water solubility. In order to improve their water solubility, they are generally made into salts or complexes, and some even directly formulate the drug into a solution and put it into a capsule. Co-crystal is also one of the effective ways to improve the solubility of drugs.

3. Improve the bioavailability of drugs

The bioavailability of the drug is closely related to the stability, solubility and dissolution rate of the drug. After the drug is prepared into a co-crystal, the bioavailability of the drug is greatly improved.

4. Change the melting point of the drug

After the drug forms a co-crystal, the melting point of the drug can be lowered by affecting the intermolecular forces. API and CCF form a eutectic. Due to the introduction of CCF, the melting point of the eutectic has changed compared with the original API. The melting point of the eutectic is generally between the melting points of API and CCF.

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The advantages of CD Formulation for forming co-crystals services

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