Bio-inspired Nanoparticles Development as Drug Delivery Vectors

Nanoparticles are highly promising for intracellular delivery of anticancer drugs, metabolic drugs, biomolecules and cellular activity modulators of all therapeutic classes, including intracellular targeted delivery of short interfering RNA, proteins, DNA and small molecules. Our mission is aimed at the development of bionanocarriers for drug delivery. CD Formulation offers a comprehensive range of drug delivery technologies, and we have advanced technology and specialized testing instruments designed to deliver drugs to the corresponding therapeutic fraction with the highest possible efficacy for optimal therapeutic purposes.

Bionanoparticles as Drug Delivery Carriers

Bionanoparticles are used as a novel drug delivery platform to improve the biocompatibility and specificity of the drug at the desired disease site. Conventional nanoparticles are often rapidly cleared by the immune system and have poor drug targeting. Rapid advances in nanotechnology offer the opportunity to integrate different types of biomaterials onto the surface of nanoparticles, allowing them to mimic the natural biological characteristics and functions of cells. This strategy facilitates the escape of bionanoparticles from the clearance of the immune system and reduces the potential toxic side effects.

Development of Bionanoparticles

CD Formulation is committed to developing bionanomaterials to generate highly specific and effective drug delivery systems that can be used for clinical purposes. Nanobio interfaces are key drivers of nanoparticle behavior and function, and modifications to nanoparticle surfaces allow the transfer of biological properties to synthetic carriers by imparting them with biological properties. The modulation of these surface properties controls the interaction of nanoparticles with the biological barriers they encounter.

  • Biofunctional development

Nanotopological features can also be engineered on the surface of biomimetic nanomaterials to enhance bioadhesion. Biomimetic pollen particles with protruding nano-topologies can be simulated in order to improve bioadhesion and biological interfaces.

Topology development of biomimetic nanomaterials can also further enhance the antimicrobial properties of nanomaterials. Natural antimicrobial micromorphology and nanotopography structured surfaces as well as bio-interfaces can be classified as anti-bio-contamination surfaces and bactericidal surfaces. The anti-biocontamination morphology is best exemplified by lotus leaves, which contain micro- and nanostructured superhydrophobic wettable surfaces that prevent bacterial adhesion and biofilm formation, a phenomenon that can be simulated by the injection of wet and slippery liquids into porous surfaces.

  • Targeted regulation development

Biomimetic nanomaterials can be designed to improve therapeutic drug delivery targeting biochemical pathways that regulate cell signaling, for example, modulating signaling in fibroblasts and osteoclasts for regenerative medicine applications, or treating autoimmune diseases and cancer. Cells can sense and respond to biophysical cues in the extracellular matrix (ECM), such as stiffness and matrix morphology, to guide cell behavior, differentiation, and their function. Extracellular matrix biointerfaces are mediated by mechanical transduction of forces. Inspired by nano-topological extracellular matrix, soluble factor delivery can be combined to induce biophysical signals to regulate cell behavior and function.

CD Formulation provides carrier development for a wide range of drug delivery systems to help clients better develop their drug programs. Our services are constantly being updated, so if the service you want is not on the list, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will develop an exclusive solution for you.

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