Anticorrosion Challenge Test

Anticorrosion challenge test, that is, microbial challenge test, refers to the experimental method of adding a certain amount of microorganisms into cosmetics, simulating the possible pollution situation in cosmetics, testing the amount of viable bacteria in it every certain time, and judging the effectiveness of the anti-corrosion system of cosmetics by the increase and decrease of viable bacteria. CD Formulation can provide domestic and foreign customers with cosmetic anticorrosion challenge testing services to ensure the safety of the product and market competitiveness.

Anticorrosion Challenge Test

About the Anticorrosion Challenge Test of Cosmetics

Cosmetics are susceptible to microbial contamination in the process of production and use, so different kinds of preservatives must be added in cosmetics to prevent the proliferation of micro-organisms. Preservatives have both antibacterial activity and biological toxicity, so the basic principle of preservative addition should be "minimum and effective", so how to evaluate the efficacy of cosmetic preservative system is particularly important. At present, anti-corrosion challenge test is mainly used to test the complete cosmetic formula (including product packaging) to complete the efficacy evaluation.

Anticorrosion Challenge Test

With the development of social progress and national economy, people's demand for cosmetics is increasing day by day, and people's safety awareness is also significantly improved. The effectiveness test of cosmetic anti-corrosion system is a very important link in the evaluation of cosmetic safety. The operability and applicability of the method should be fully considered when selecting the effectiveness test method of cosmetic anti-corrosion system, and the test efficiency should be taken into account. There are many methods to test the bacteriostatic efficacy of preservatives, such as bacteriostatic zone test, minimum bacteriostatic concentration test, short-term bacteriostatic efficacy evaluation method and linear regression method, all of which can simply evaluate the bacteriostatic efficacy of preservatives or preservative system itself.

CD Formulation provides these detectors, which can test the sample efficiently and quickly, helping customers get the content of pesticide residues in cosmetics.

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