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Currently, more than 90% of small molecule new drug candidates have oral bioavailability issues. Solubility and bioavailability issues run through drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic evaluation of candidate compounds, preclinical prescription development, and commercial formulation development. From the toxicological evaluation stage, CD Formulation has a perfect drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic support system, each experiment only consumes milligram-level API, which can help customers select the most suitable solvent for animal experiments in the early stage and shorten the development cycle. In the development of commercial formulations, CD Formulation is familiar with a variety of industrially scalable and enhanced bioavailability drug delivery methods and can use the most scientific and efficient platform technology to rapidly advance the formulation concept from milligram-level high-throughput experiments to production-level. Pathways to enhanced bioavailability are not only API physical and chemical modification services, but also encapsulation techniques services.

Schematic diagram of constructing cisplatin cross-linked polymer prodrug micelle nanodrug

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With the development of medical technology, some biological and genetic drug applications rely entirely on effective drug delivery systems, such as polymer micelles (PMs), nanoliposomes, solid lipid nanoparticles, etc. Therefore, our pharmaceutical professional team provides customers with the following services:

As a leading expert in drug formulation development and dosage form optimization, CD Formulation provides you with a one-stop shop for drug bioavailability and solubility based on API characteristics and customer development goals. If you have a poorly soluble or refractory medication, please contact our staff and we will determine the most appropriate way to assist in your medication development.

The Advantages of Our Services

The Advantages of CD Formulation for encapsulation techniques services

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