Peroxidase-Like (POD) Nanozyme Customization

Among the various natural enzymes, Peroxidase (POD) is a widespread oxidoreductase and has a wide range of applications in biomedical fields. However, natural enzymes have many difficulties such as difficult extraction, poor stability, and expensive price. Nanotechnology, which mimics POD-catalyzed nano-enzymes, can solve the problems in the application of natural enzymes and has a good application outlook.

CD Formulation is committed to the design and development of highly active nanozymes, especially by drawing on the structure of the catalytic center of the natural enzyme and its catalytic mechanism, and continuously introducing the concept of natural enzyme mimicry into nanozymes. Our customized POD-like nanozyme can be widely used in bioanalysis and detection, bioimaging, and antimicrobial and antitumor therapy.

Figure 1. Schematic illustration of POD mimic nanozymes in therapy and diagnosis.Figure 1. Schematic illustration of POD mimic nanozymes in therapy and diagnosis. (Moradi Hasan-Abad A, et al., 2024)

Advantages of Customized Peroxidase-Like (POD) Nanozyme

  • High stability. POD-like nanozymes with stability and endurance, long-term and continuous catalytic activity.
  • Low-cost. POD-like nanozymes require less cost in production compared to natural POD, so this makes POD-like nanozymes a cost-effective catalytic solution.
  • High catalytic. POD-like nanozymes have higher catalytic efficiency and this increased efficiency translates into fast and precise catalytic reactions. 

In addition, POD nanozymes also have many unique advantages such as easy modification and simple production.

Our Process of Peroxidase-Like (POD) Nanozyme Customization

Material Selection

We select nanomaterials with intrinsic peroxidase activity, such as metal oxides (e.g., Fe3O4, MnO2), carbon-based materials (e.g., graphene, carbon nanotubes), and metal nanoparticles based on customized targets.

Surface Functionalization

We mainly use surface modification techniques, including ligand exchange, covalent linkage or encapsulation, to achieve the desired catalytic properties of the customized nanoenzymes. We surface-modified the customized nanoenzymes to be able to increase their stability, controllability and selectivity.

Catalytic Performance Optimization

We modulate the composition, morphology and surface chemistry of POD-like nanozyme to optimize the catalytic performance for specific substrates and reactions.

Characterization and Validation

We utilize a comprehensive range of characterization techniques, including spectroscopy, microscopy, and kinetic assays, to validate the properties of our customized POD-like nanozyme to ensure that the nanozyme meets a wide range of properties such as desired stability, catalytic efficiency, and specificity. Our customized POD nano-enzymes enable precise control of their size, morphology and surface modifications. In addition, we subject our custom-synthesized POD nanoenzymes to extensive testing under simulated or relevant real-world conditions to evaluate their performance. This testing phase evaluates their catalytic activity, selectivity, sensitivity, and durability.

Scale-up and Manufacturing

Finally, we will scale up the production of the customized POD nanoenzymes.

Applications of Our Peroxidase-Like (POD) Nanozyme Customization Services

  • Protein detection. POD-like nanozyme has been widely used for protein detection. Hepatitis B virus antigen and cardiac troponin I was detected by immunoassay using Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles with POD-like activity as probes.
  • Sugar detection. Heparin is an important polysaccharide widely used in anticoagulation studies. Since heparin increases the POD-like activity of gold clusters at neutral pH, POD-like nanozyme can be used for a glycan detection base. Some characterized receptors are overexpressed on the surface of exosomes and cells, and these receptors can be specifically recognized by their corresponding antibodies or ligands, therefore, probe-based in vivo assays for the detection of exosomes and cells can be constructed by conjugating the antibodies or ligands to the nanoenzymes.
  • Active small molecule assays. POD-like nanozyme catalyzes the oxidation of POD substrates (e.g., TMB) by H2O2 to form oxidation products.

Highlights of Our Peroxidase-Like (POD) Nanozyme Customization Services

Innovative Technology. Our innovative solutions enable accurate control of POD-like nanozyme performance.

Experienced. We have rich service experience in nanozyme customization and are committed to provide high quality POD-like nanozyme customization service.

Quality control. We maintain strict quality control measures throughout the entire process of nanozyme customization to ensure the quality of the customized POD-like nanozyme.

CD Formulation is dedicated to nanozyme customization and offers POD-like nanozyme customization based on our expertise and cutting-edge technology. If you are interested in us, please feel free to contact us.


  1. Moradi Hasan-Abad A, et al. The application of peroxidase mimetic nanozymes in cancer diagnosis and therapy. Front Pharmacol. 2024, 15:1339580.
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