Color Cosmetics OEM/ODM Services

CD Formulation provides our customers color cosmetics OEM/ODM services, which include foundation, airbrush, eye color cosmetics, blush, nail polish, etc. We provide color cosmetics that exceeds the best standards and incorporates the latest international trends. We provide you with the most professional laboratories, production plants, advanced technology and product development services in cutting-edge fields. The color cosmetics OEM/ODM services we can currently offer include the following.

Color Cosmetics OEM/ODM Services

Our Services

  • Foundation OEM/ODM services

Foundation is a multi-colored cosmetic product applied to the face to create an even, uniform skin tone. Foundations are used to cover blemishes and sometimes alter the natural skin tone. Available in creams, tubes, sticks and jars, we specialize in foundation formulations, colors, textures, packaging and ingredients. CD Formulation's cosmetic development experts can create foundations for every skin type, addressing all skin types.

  • Air cushion products OEM/ODM services

Air cushion creams are based on a two-part system. First, the packaging with special mesh. Second, the sponge. Both are created and put together to deliver a specific amount of liquid and apply it evenly on the skin. The system has a grid that controls the amount of liquid applied to the sponge. From BB creams to EE creams, CD Formulation is able to provide the most professional OEM/ODM services for air cushion products to our customers.

  • Eye cosmetics OEM/ODM services

Eye cosmetics includes all products that contribute to the beauty and shape of the eyes. CD Formulation develops eye shadows, mascaras and eyeliners in cream, liquid, tube or stick form. Our services such as OEM and formulation design can help our customers to complete the production and development of their products with full consideration of their requirements.

  • Blush OEM/ODM services

Blush is a cream, balm or stick applied to the cheeks, similar to the natural blush of the face. At CD Formulation, we create blushes that are fun, colorful and easy to carry. Our R&D and testing departments have extensive experience in global trends and can provide our customers with the right type of product for every type of customer.

  • Nail polish OEM/ODM services

Nail polish is a product used to color and protect nails from damage. Packaging includes different types of jars, pads, creams and gels. Beautiful nails are a must, but application can have an effect on the stratum corneum. The products with CD Formulation in preparation will guarantee the safety of the products, smoothness of the moving process, and the efficacy after application.

At CD Formulation, you can choose OEM/ODM services for all kinds of color cosmetics and other types of cosmetic products that suit your needs. Our services include formulation design, product manufacturing, filling, packaging design, product testing and other services. With our professional laboratory team and rich processing experience, we can efficiently provide you with cosmetics development and production.

If you have a requirement about our services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.

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