Hydrogel Drug Delivery System Development Services

Hydrogel Drug Delivery System Development

The physical properties of hydrogels are highly conducive to drug delivery and enable sustained release of the encapsulated drug. The macrostructure, microstructure, and degree of polymer cross-linking of hydrogels affect their mesh pore size, and the hydrodynamic diameter and number of meshes in a hydrogel affect the degree of drug movement. CD Formulation offers specialized development of hydrogel drug delivery systems, including supramolecular hydrogels, DNA hydrogels, Bio-Inspired hydrogels, and more.

Hydrogels for Drug Delivery

A hydrogel is a polymeric system with a three-dimensional network structure containing large amounts of water formed by a simple reaction of one or more monomers. Due to the large amount of water, hydrogels are to some extent as elastic as natural tissues. In reservoir-based delivery systems, the hydrogel is wrapped around the outside of a drug-containing capsule, pellet, or sheet to achieve sustained drug release. Matrix-based delivery systems, on the other hand, contain the drug in its entirety and achieve sustained drug release through the pores of the polymer itself. In contrast to reservoir-based delivery systems, the rate of drug release from matrix-based delivery systems is time-dependent, slowing down over time.

Hydrogel Modulation

CD Formulation can achieve controlled drug release by controlling hydrogel grid degradation, swelling, and mechanical deformation. We can provide modulation services as well as solutions for your project to help you quickly develop your drug delivery system.

  • Grid degradation modulation

The drug encapsulated in a hydrogel grid becomes larger as the grid degrades and the drug is free to diffuse out of the grid.

  • Swelling regulation

The degree of swelling of a hydrogel governs the balance between the deformation force of the lattice and the permeation caused by water absorption. The swelling behavior is extremely sensitive to changes in various external conditions, including temperature, glucose levels, pH, ionic strength, etc.

  • Mechanical deformation modulation

Drug release by mechanical deformation of the grid is possible because mechanical deformation can both change the grid structure to increase the grid size and trigger convection within the grid. This release mechanism allows for pulsed drug release with good control of the magnitude of the transient release rate.

Hydrogel Drug Delivery Development

Supramolecular hydrogel systems are composed of non-covalent intermolecular interactions, consisting of two or more molecular monomers stacked on top of each other. Supramolecular hydrogel system development includes formulation development, structural characterization, and hydrogel response analysis.

DNA can form two- or three-dimensional structures. By cross-linking complementary DNA molecules, a highly structured mesh structure can be obtained, and the resulting hydrogel structure can swell and expand upon contact with water.

Bio-Inspired hydrogels are relatively new hydrogels that mimic disease-related physiological microenvironments and are used to study how to optimize targeted drug delivery.

Stimulated response hydrogels can release specific amounts of drugs on demand at specific times and at specific locations due to specific environmental response properties.

Polymer-free gels are capable of forming hydrogels through the self-assembly of short peptides. These short peptides often contain two or seven amino acids, which can be further assembled into fibers by hydrogen bonding or π-π stacking to form β-folds, thus forming hydrogels.

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