Readily Carbonizable Substances Test

These impurities are mostly compounds of unknown structure, and their content can be easily controlled by the method of sulfuric acid coloring. The Chinese Pharmacopoeia, the United States Pharmacopoeia and the Japanese Pharmacy Bureau formula for the examination of readily carbonizable substances is basically the same, all using visual colorimetric method.

Readily carbonizable Substances Test

Readily Carbonizable Substances Test Method

Take two colorimetric tubes with the same inner diameter, add 5 mL of the control solution under each species in tube A; add 5 mL of sulfuric acid in tube B, and slowly add the specified amount of the test article in stages. Place tube A and B together in front of a white background. Observe with a flat view, the color shown in tube B shall not be darker than tube A. If the test product is a solid, you should first be ground into a fine powder. If you need to heat to dissolve, you can take the test and sulfuric acid mixed well, heated and dissolved, cooled, and then moved into the colorimetric tube.

There are three main types of control solution: the standard colorimetric solution of different shades under "color check of solution"; the control solution prepared by the colorimetric solution of diamond chloride, colorimetric solution of potassium diphosphate and colorimetric solution of copper sulfate according to the prescribed method; potassium permanganate solution.

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Readily carbonizable Substances Test

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We offer a comprehensive toolbox of quality assurance solutions for readily carbonizable substances test to support your product innovation, raw material certification and product safety. We offer a broad range of industry-specific technical solutions based on our drug testing expertise.

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