One-stop OEM/ODM Services for Cosmetics

CD Formulation has an exclusive R&D team to provide customers with one-stop full support value-added services, including brand registration, product planning, packaging design, formula development, package material raw material procurement, product filing, channel operation and storage logistics. We save you the consulting cost and operation cost of each link, produce high-quality cosmetic products according to your market demand and meet international standards, and provide the most professional OEM/ODM services.

One-stop OEM/ODM Services for Cosmetics

Our Services

CD Formulation is confident to assist customers from the initial abstract concept, from scratch to provide complete information, specific product development, branding, packaging design to complete finished products to your hands, to ensure that you will get the industry experience accumulated over the past ten years, the best products, and a full range of professional services. CD Formulation uses high-end technology and equipment, all products are rigorously tested for safety and functionality.

OEM Manufacturing

We have the most professional R&D and production team, with the most rigorous production process, to provide our customers with the highest quality and most effective professional cosmetics.

ODM Formulation Design

We provide customized formulas, bottle and packaging design, product information, and product inspection to provide the most flexible service according to customer needs.

One-stop OEM/ODM Services for Cosmetics

Specific cosmetic service content

Why Choose Us?

  • Our new product development product optimization is based on rigorous efficacy ingredient screening, exclusive formula composition, combined with modern production process, human skin testing and other stages, strictly control the functionality and safety of the product, and continue to develop a rich product system and exclusive patented ingredients to meet the various needs of customers, to create a better product experience.
  • We focus on the activity and stability of ingredients and can provide coating technology development as well as freeze-crystal (lyophilization) process design to allow our customers to create products with competitive advantages.
  • Through our domestic and international cooperation platform, we select the best quality essential oils from all over the world, mix the exclusive combination of essential oils, and analyze the effect of essential oils on the human body through professional instruments, so that the essential oils do not only add fragrance, but can effectively enhance the effectiveness of the products.
  • We have a professional skin testing platform to analyze whether the product is irritating, and confirm the efficacy of the product through professional skin testing and efficacy assessment instruments, and establish a large data base of skin quality to enhance the strength of product development.

Cosmetic OEM Process

  1. Develop a plan according to the customer's formulation requirements.
  2. Preliminary pricing according to the product program.
  3. Preparation of cosmetic products by formula test and discussion with the customer to provide modification suggestions.
  4. Confirmation of product composition and content.
  5. Determine the packaging materials of the products.
  6. Mass production and testing of products.
  7. Product delivery.

If you have a requirement about our services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.

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