Sustained Release Tablets

Sustained release tablet is a kind of preparation which can release medicine in a relatively long time. Because of the fast distribution, metabolism and excretion of some drugs, in order to maintain the effective concentration of drugs, patients need to take drugs continuously in a very short time, that is, two or three times a day. Some methods of administration are painful, patients may have poor compliance, or forget to take medicine. Therefore, the drug is made into a sustained-release preparation. Through some special techniques and means, the release time of the drug in the body is prolonged, so that the drug can maintain the effective blood concentration in the body for a long time. For example, some drugs can last for several days or even longer, which can increase the interval of administration and reduce the pain of patients.

Sustained Release Tablets Fig.1 Optical images of whole and halves of the sustained release matrix tablets studied during dissolution assay in different times. (Maira T, et al. 2019)

Sustained Release Tablets Fig.2 Schematic of the drug release process from a tablet. (Daniel M, et al. 2017)

The team of CD Formulation is leading experts in all aspects of pharmaceutical formulation development and dosage form optimization, we can accord the characteristics of the API and the development goals of the customers to design the formulation of sustained release tablets. CD Formulation can provide you with one-stop service to meet your needs of sustained release tablets.

Advantages of Sustained Release Tablets

  • The frequency of drug administration is reduced
  • Patient compliance improved
  • The characteristic blood level variations can be reduced
  • Better control of drug absorption
  • Improve efficiency in treatment
  • Economy

Technology Used for Sustained Release Tablets

  • Tablet compression and characterization of the compressed tablet
  • Drying in liquid technique
  • Spray drying method
  • Spray congealing
  • Self-assembly method

The Process of Developing Sustained Release Tablets

Sustained release matrix tablets can be prepared in two ways: one is to directly press a powder mixture containing drugs, polymers and other additives, and the other is to granulate before pressing. The choice of the appropriate method depends on the properties of the drug, polymer and other ingredients.

Sustained Release Tablets

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