Single Crystal Growth & Structure Determination

CD Formulation has advanced instruments and equipment, profound professional accumulation and rich practical experience, focusing on providing one-stop efficient technical services for single crystal growth & structure determination for drug molecules and intermediate fragments. We try our best to obtain high-quality single crystal samples and accurately analyze drug structure and other information under limited materials and time conditions.

Why Do Single Crystal Growth & Structure Determination


Structure determination is an important means to determine the absolute configuration of drug molecules and identify the crystallization properties of drug molecules. It can obtain information such as the crystal cell parameters, molecular symmetry, molecular bonding methods, molecular conformation, absolute configuration, etc. When applying for drug registration, it is necessary to confirm the structure of the raw materials, possible impurities and intermediates involved in the drug. Therefore, obtaining a comprehensive and complete structural determination report is an important step in drug production. Before conducting structure determination, it is usually necessary to carefully and professionally design single crystal growth test conditions, and obtain single crystal samples that can be used for structure determination after multiple rounds of continuous optimization. Then, on this basis, single crystal structure and/or absolute molecular configuration can be analyzed by collecting data through single crystal X-ray diffraction or MicroED.

Our Main Method for Single Crystal Growth

Structural determination usually requires the cultivation of single crystals that can be used for experimental determination. CD Formulation can design single crystal growth experiments based on the physicochemical properties of your raw materials. The main single crystal growth methods include liquid surface diffusion, slow cooling, slow evaporation and gas-liquid infiltration.


Our Platform for Crystal Structure Determination

After obtaining a single crystal that can be used for experimental determination, the single crystal structure and/or the absolute molecular configuration can be analyzed after collecting data by single crystal X-ray diffraction (SXCRD) or Micro ED. 


Advantages of Our Single Crystal Growth & Structure Determination Services

  • Advanced equipment: equipped with world-class testing equipment and small sample requirements to ensure that customer needs are met.
  • Experienced: experienced structural analysis technicians and high-level analytical personnel can correct the structural analysis of defective sample single crystals
  • Rapid delivery: efficient experimental processes and operational experience, delivering results in a timely manner to meet time requirements.
  • Personalized solutions: provide customized solutions according to customer needs, and closely cooperate with the project.
  • Price concessions, perfect after-sales service: reasonable and competitive prices, providing customers with comprehensive and professional after-sales services.

CD Formulation focuses on providing high-quality single crystal growth & structure determination services. We are committed to providing our customers with efficient and reliable solutions that meet their specific needs and create maximum value for them. For more information or interest in our services, please contact us!

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