In Vitro Anti-Aging Test

In Vitro Anti-Aging Test

Physiological aging occurs in all parts of the body as we age, and skin aging from prolonged exposure to the external environment can show clinically visible signs of aging - visible wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and gradual dryness, roughness, and loss of luster. CD Formulation can provide cosmetic skin anti-aging efficacy evaluation test, we have the qualification ability of human efficacy evaluation, and strictly comply with the requirements of the cosmetic management specification, to provide cosmetic skin anti-aging test services, and issue reliable cosmetic human efficacy evaluation report.

In Vitro Anti-aging Testing

CD Formulation can help you conduct product testing to evaluate the effectiveness of cosmetic anti-aging types by detecting changes in skin elasticity, firmness, wrinkles and other indicators before and after using the products. Through a variety of methods of comprehensive testing, rational analysis and scientific evaluation of cosmetic efficacy, it provides a scientific basis for cosmetic efficacy claims and filing, and helps cosmetic industry product development, quality improvement and upgrading and transformation.

  • In vitro testing

Our research team can evaluate the anti-wrinkle effect of cosmetics through in vitro cell culture and modeling. For example, it can be based on fibroblasts for in vitro proliferation capacity, collagen content, antioxidant-related indicators and aging-related bio-indicators to be tested. As for the anti-wrinkle efficacy, the 3D skin model can simulate the structure of normal human skin, and due to its compound-layer mechanism, it is closer to the real state of human body compared with monolayer cell culture.

During the experiment, the active substances are formulated into creams and other dosage forms and applied to the skin model. By testing the indicators of free radical scavenging ability, antioxidant ability and collagen content and the tissue morphology changes of the model, the effect of cosmetics on cell proliferation and differentiation and antioxidant ability can be examined.

Specific in vitro tests include:

  • Antioxidant assay
  • Inflammatory factors
  • Inflammatory mediator inhibition assay
  • Matrix metalloproteinase-1 activity (MMP-1) inhibition assay
  • Cellular expression of collagen assay
  • Mitochondrial membrane potential assay and apoptosis assay
  • Human experiment

The human evaluation method of anti-aging efficacy is mainly to screen a specific group of volunteers, such as skin aging with wrinkles, etc., and then use different human testing equipment to carry out multi-dimensional evaluation of aging-related indexes through subjective scoring, semi-subjective scoring, and objective measurements and other methods of assessment.

Taking the image analysis method of anti-wrinkle efficacy as an example, anti-wrinkle refers to "help to slow down the skin wrinkles or make wrinkles less visible", then the index dimension of anti-wrinkle efficacy can be divided into expert scoring, image analysis (wrinkle depth, length, volume, number) and consumer questionnaire survey, etc. Specific human testing contents include: the depth of wrinkles, the length of wrinkles, the volume of wrinkles and the number of wrinkles.

Specific human testing content includes:

  • Anti-wrinkle test
  • Skin firmness test
  • Skin elasticity test
  • Skin moisture content test
  • Skin color Test
  • Skin microcirculation Test

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CD Formulation is a professional cosmetic efficacy testing organization, with a cosmetic efficacy evaluation laboratory, standardized, intelligent testing platform, full monitoring, rapid response, short lead time, to provide professional cosmetic efficacy services for brands and raw material suppliers. CD Formulation is committed to serving the brand side of the development phase of the cosmetic products, tailored to the customer's scientific and visual customized solutions to help build a quality brand, CD Formulation is committed to serving brands in the development stage of cosmetics, customizing scientific and visualized efficacy solutions for customers, and collaborating to build quality brands.

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