PEGylated Liposomes Services for Drug Delivery

PEGylated Liposomes are an effective strategy to improve the delivery of drug molecules. PEG chains protect liposomes from cells of the mononuclear phagocytic system by building protective hydrophilic membranes on the liposome surface. Their presence prevents liposomes from interacting with other molecules. PEGylation increases the molecular weight and the size of conjugated biomolecules and improves their pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics by increasing water solubility, preventing enzymatic degradation, reducing renal clearance and limiting immunogenicity and antigenic responses.

PEGylated Liposomes Technology Services for Drug Delivery

CD Formulation is dedicated to the research and development of biologic and chemical drugs and drug transport technology development services, providing guidance and advice and customized product services through our expertise and experience to accelerate the commercialization of our pharmaceutical company customers' products.

Our Services

CD Formulation is a dedicated and experienced customer support team that can provide customers with specialized PEGylated liposomes technical solutions to help them develop the right PEGylated liposomes formulation for their product launch.

CD Formulation provides the following services according to the relevant needs of our customers:

PEGylated Liposomes Technology Services for Drug Delivery

PEGylated Liposomes Development Services

Development of PEGylated liposomess suitable for customer requirements based on molecular weight, shape, reactivity, specificity and bond type of the PEG fraction, as well as the physicochemical properties of the drug itself.

Performance Testing of PEGylated Liposomes

PEGylated Liposomes Technology Services for Drug Delivery

Physical tests include: vesicle shape, size and morphology, surface charge, dispersive phase behavior, encapsulation efficiency of liposomes.

Chemical tests include: phospholipid concentration, cholesterol concentration, etc.

Biological tests include: determine the safety of the liposome formulation for in vivo studies.

Benefits of Liposomes Modified with Polyethylene Glycol (PEG)

  • It can reduce the occurrence of immunogenicity and antigenicity and has a wide range of uses in the development of large molecule drugs that are susceptible to immune reactions.
  • It also affects the physicochemical properties of drug properties. It helps to reduce the hepatic clearance and prolong the half-life of the drug, thus reducing the dose and frequency of use in patients; at the same time, it reduces the adverse drug reactions while ensuring the efficacy of the drug.
  • Improves the stability and circulation time of liposomes, and also improves the "passive" targeting ability to tumor tissues, which can improve the therapeutic effect and reduce the toxicity of encapsulated drugs through a process known as enhanced permeation retention effect.

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