Stimulus-Responsive Liposomes Development

CD Formulation specializes in liposomal drug delivery systems, providing our customers with stimulus-responsive liposome technology services that facilitate the precise delivery of drugs and therapeutics, and ideally, for commercial use.


Stimulus-responsive liposomal drug delivery systems are developed to effectively accelerate drug release, improve drug targeting and bioavailability, and reduce drug toxicity and side effects. Stimulus-responsive nanoparticles can be classified into types such as light, temperature, pH, current and magnetic field according to the distinction of stimulation signals. Stimulus-responsive liposomes can maintain structural stability in the circulatory system and in normal tissues or cells, and when delivered to the target site, they can be activated to release drug molecules under the corresponding internal and external stimulation conditions, thus providing precise treatment to the target site.

Stimulus-Responsive Liposomes Technology Services for Drug Delivery

Our Services

CD Formulation provides stimulus-responsive liposome technology services, including customization of liposomes for various stimulus signals.

Customized Temperature Stimulus-Responsive Liposome Services

Depending on the nature of the drug, CD Formulation can customize phospholipids for specific temperatures. As the thickness of the liposome membrane changes in response to a change in heat, the fluidity and permeability of the liposome membrane increases, and the drug is easily released at the heat target site.

Customized Photostimulation Responsive Liposome Services

CD Formulation's team of pharmacy professionals offers custom photostimulation-responsive liposome services by adding specific photosensitizing substances to liposomes that, when exposed to light, alter the properties and structure of the photosensitive liposomes.

Customized Magnetic Stimulation-Responsive Liposome Services

By surface magnetic modification of liposomes, and then when specific ligands are coupled to the surface of magnetic liposomes, drugs can be precisely delivered to the target site.

Customized pH Stimulation-Responsive Liposome Services

CD Formulation controls the release of drugs after changing the pH of the environment by linking a pH-sensitive substance to the membrane layer of the liposome.

Solutions Services

Our experts can provide the above-mentioned liposome customization services, as well as help clients determine the most appropriate liposome and stimulus signal based on the simulated environment under different stimuli, helping pharmaceutical clients to achieve precise release of drug molecules for efficient treatment.

Our Advantages

Stimulus-Responsive Liposomes Technology Services for Drug Delivery

CD Formulation has extensive experience and expertise in formulation development, process development, and analytical development.

Stimulus-Responsive Liposomes Technology Services for Drug Delivery

We have professional and advanced analytical instruments, including particle size analyzers, mass spectrometers, liquid chromatography systems, and electron microscopes.

Stimulus-Responsive Liposomes Technology Services for Drug Delivery

Strict quality control system to ensure that the products and services provided meet professional qualifications.

About CD Formulation

CD Formulation provides integrated innovation solutions from strategy to implementation to help you increase opportunities and address challenges. Through our in-depth experience in many different industries, including consumer and technology, we bring innovative solutions and cross-industry best practices to drug development. If you have a requirement about our services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.

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