Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Pharmaceutical Preparations

Mass spectrometry is an analytical method that achieves qualitative and quantitative analysis of samples by analyzing the mass-to-charge ratio of ions in the sample. Mass spectrometry can determine the molecular weight, molecular formula and molecular structure of the compound, according to this property, the qualitative analysis of unknowns can be carried out, and the peak intensity is closely related to the content of the compound, which can be quantitatively analyzed. CD Formulation can analyze and identify samples according to customers' requirements, helping customers with the process from drug development to final product commercialization.

Analysis of samples by mass spectrometryFig.1 Analysis of samples by mass spectrometry

Our Services

CD Formulation's dedicated team of pharmacy professionals provides scientific data and objective interpretation to help you with comprehensive support at all stages of drug development, drug manufacturing, and product commercialization. Currently, our services focus on the following:

1. Provides ultra-high-resolution mass spectrometry services for large and small molecule analysis, including analysis and data interpretation of small and large molecules, including biopharmaceuticals, metabolites, and polymers.

2. Providing software support for mass spectrometers, combined with specialized processing software, from biopharmaceutical characterization to mass spectrometry imaging, our leading software solutions turn mass spectrometry data into knowledge to generate polymer structural information in minutes for ease of synthesis and quality control.

3. Facilitates drug discovery and reduces false positives and false negatives by detecting unmodified substrates by mass spectrometry.

4. Mass Spectrometry Solutions.

In addition, our analytical techniques can be used to characterize biologics and biosimilars such as:

  • Protein identification and amino acid analysis.
  • Aggregation state assessment by dynamic light scattering, SEC MALS and SEM.
  • Macromolecular fingerprinting.

The Advantages of Our Services

Our advanced spectroscopic technology offers many advantages in terms of speed, sensitivity and accuracy:

  • High sensitivity.
  • Wide mass range.
  • MS and MS/MS capabilities of various molecules and a detailed explanation of the results.

Services Flow

Service Flow of CD Formulation for Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Pharmaceutical Preparations

How to Contact Us?

If you have a requirement about our services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.


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