Solid Dispersions Effervescent Tablets Development

Effervescent tablets are a type of tablet that contains an effervescent disintegration grade, containing a mixture of organic acids, sodium carbonate, and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). We will find that when effervescent tablets are put into water, carbonic acid reaction will occur and carbon dioxide will be produced. That is because the effervescent tablet itself is dry and cannot react, and when it meets water the tablet immediately disintegrates and melts. If you look carefully, you will find that the effervescent tablets roll up and down in the water and dissolve very fast. When the carbon dioxide dissolves in water, the mouth has the feeling of drinking soda. Solid dispersion is a dispersion system formed by highly dispersing the ingredients of nutraceuticals in a solid carrier in the form of a solid. Solid dispersions can increase the solubility and dissolution rate of nutraceutical ingredients and improve bioavailability.

Solid Dispersions Effervescent Tablets Development

Advantages of Solid Dispersion Effervescent tablets

  • Increase the solubility and dissolution rate of insoluble nutraceutical ingredients

After the insoluble nutraceutical ingredients are made into solid dispersions, the nutraceutical ingredients are dispersed in the carrier in molecular, amorphous or microcrystalline state, and the specific surface area is increased, and the dissolution rate is accelerated.

  • Delaying the release rate of nutraceutical ingredients

Solid dispersion technology is applied in the development of slow-release products to obtain slow-release solid dispersions with ideal release rate of nutraceutical ingredients by selecting suitable carrier materials and suitable ratios of nutraceutical ingredients to carrier materials and pore channel agents.

  • Improving the bioavailability of insoluble nutraceutical ingredients

Insoluble releasing nutraceutical ingredients are limited in application because they are not easily absorbed by the organism. By adopting solid dispersion technology, a highly dispersed homogeneous state can be achieved, thus ensuring the absorption and utilization of the made nutraceuticals.

  • Improving the stability of released nutraceuticals

By making unstable nutraceuticals into solid dispersions, their stability increases, the quality of the formulation can be easily controlled, and costs can be reduced.

Our Services

CD Formulation offers a full range of integrated services for the development of solid dispersion nutraceuticals. Our pharmacologists and nutraceutical experts are available for the development of effervescent tablet prescriptions, customization of effervescent tablets, and testing of effervescent tablets.

Orthogonal screening formulary

Orthogonal experiments are used to screen prescriptions, selecting raw material particle size, wetting agent, excipient particle size, excipient ratio, and tablet compression strength, and using disintegration time as an indicator to determine the best prescription.

Customization of solid dispersion effervescent tablets

According to the best prescription selected by the orthogonal test, the raw materials and excipients are mixed, wetted, granulated, dried, whole, weighed and pressed to obtain solid dispersion effervescent tablets.

Testing services for effervescent tablets

  • Content testing

The content of the product is calculated by measuring the recovery rate of effervescent tablets containing nutraceutical ingredients.

  • Quality testing

We can test the hardness, weight variation value and disintegration time of effervescent tablets for our customers.

If you have a requirement about our services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.

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