Transfersomes System Development

Transfersomes System Development

Transfersomes are individually designed vesicles that respond to external pressure by squeezing themselves through skin pores many times narrower than they are, resulting in an increased transdermal flow of therapeutic agents. It is clear that transferosomes can deliver more small and large therapeutic agents into and through the skin. CD Formulation insists on providing the highest quality service with the latest expertise and state-of-the-art facilities for your custom development of transferosomes systems.

What are Transfersomes

A transferosome is a tool that can instinctively pass through the skin and transfer drugs from the application to the target site. Transferosomes, a novel type of highly deformable lipid vesicles, can pass through intact skin because the non-exclusive condition is critical to generate the trans-epidermal permeation gradient that is the driving force for elastic transport into the skin. Transferosomes are highly deformable, a property that helps them to rapidly penetrate the intercellular lipid channels of the subcutaneous tissue. Transferosomes consist of at least one internal water chamber surrounded by lipid vesicles; morphologically they are liposomes, but functionally, transferosomes can be properly deformed to pass through pores much smaller than their own size.

Fig.1 Structure of transfersomes. (Rai et al., 2017)Fig.1 Structure of transfersomes. (Rai et al., 2017)

Transferosome System Development

CD Formulation can provide clients with specialized transfer body system development services that can be used for the transport of a wide range of substances, including but not limited to drugs. In addition to the development of the delivery body, we also provide validation of the development method to help you proceed with your project efficiently.

Characterization Testing

  • Size, polydispersity index and Zeta potential analysis

Characterize the particle size, polydispersity index (PDI), and zeta potential of the deliverables using dynamic light scattering instruments.

  • Encapsulation efficiency

Total drug concentration and unencapsulated drug concentration are measured using HPLC methods and encapsulation efficiency is calculated.

  • Transferosome morphology analysis

Transferosome morphology was observed under transmission electron microscopy (TEM). A drop of the transferosome suspension was placed on a copper grid and left for a few minutes. A drop of negative staining solution is then added to the sample grid. The grid is then rinsed with distilled water to wash off excess stain and placed in a TEM sample chamber for visualization.

  • In vitro release studies

Analysis of drug release from the delivery body at different times is performed and tested by HPLC.
In addition to the above services, we also offer product customization services to provide a professional solution for your project.

In addition to the above services, we also offer product customization services to provide a professional solution for your project.

Advantages of Transferosome

  • High encapsulation rate of the delivery body.
  • Better penetration of intact vesicles due to their high deformability.
  • Carriers for low and high molecular drugs.
  • Protection of the encapsulated drug from metabolic degradation by the delivery body.
  • Ease of scale-up and simple procedures not involving unnecessary drug unacceptable additives.
  • Transferosomes are biocompatible and biodegradable, as they consist of natural phospholipids.

Applications of Transferosomes as Carriers

Transferosomes have been used as carriers for different therapeutic agents, including proteins, insulin, DNA, gap junction proteins, peptides, albumin, nutrients, corticosteroids, antigens, analgesics, sex hormones and anesthetics, which can greatly increase the amount of drug penetration through the skin.

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