Liquid Ampoules OEM/ODM Services

Many active ingredients in skin care products are unstable when exposed to air and easily oxidized. In order to make the active ingredients more stable, it usually requires many kinds of ingredients compounding or super strong technology. Ampoules are aseptic vacuum freestanding packaging that can solve the problem of nutrient volatilization and oxidation. Moreover, the volume is small and can be used up in a short time after opening, further ensuring that the essence is more effective and hygienic. There are many kinds of ampoules, and the efficacy is mostly, whitening, anti-aging, soothing and moisturizing categories. CD Formulation has rich experience in manufacturing liquid ampoules OEM/ODM, and selects a full range of liquid ampoule related products for all ages and consumption levels for you.

Liquid Ampoules OEM/ODM Services

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CD Formulation has the experience, capability and R&D resources to develop liquid ampoule OEM / OEM services. We work with cosmetic companies in all phases of design and manufacturing, from concept to completion, in a highly focused effort to provide you with industry-grade products and services.

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CD Formulation can meet all of your original design requirements and the product will perform exactly as you expect. Our dedicated team is able to stay ahead of the competition in terms of product development cycle time without compromising quality. CD Formulation provides quality solutions to our customers through our OEM / ODM services. We are committed to providing flexible custom design and manufacturing services to global solution integrators. These products are delivered directly by our corporate OEM / ODM team, benefiting our customers by reducing manufacturing costs and shortening product development cycles.


  • Careful cleaning is necessary to prevent foreign substances from being mixed in the ampoule.
  • When used, breaking the head in order to open will produce a very small amount of glass flakes. In order to ensure safe opening, attention must be paid to the processing quality of the cutting line.
  • Once the glass is bubbled, cracked or broken, the storage quality of the ampoule will be affected. In order to prevent the flow of defective products, it is necessary to inspect the appearance and magnify the observation before shipment to find the cause of defect and improve it.

Ways to reduce scorched head during ampoule filling and sealing

  • Adjust the flow rate of the gas nozzle so that the ampoule can be heated to the proper temperature at the proper flame temperature and avoid scorching during drawing.
  • Adjust the height of the ampoule so that the flame is heated at the same height as the neck of the ampoule.
  • Select ampoules with guaranteed quality and stable batches to prevent scorched heads caused by batch differences.
  • Adjust the volume of the filled liquid, and the volume specification of the ampoule should match the solution volume.

Causes of some surface impurities in cosmetic ampoules

  • Reasons for the formation of many line channels in cosmetic ampoules.
  • The presence of the not yet homogenized, high viscosity and high surface tension in the glass solution is formed during the blowing process of the cosmetic ampoule.
  • Reasons for the formation of streaks in cosmetic ampoules.
  • The uneven glass liquid formed at the early stage is dispersed under the action of liquid flow and in the process of stirring, but has not yet diffused and homogenized into small strips.
  • Reasons for the formation of nodules in cosmetic ampoules.
  • Formed by the action of the knots and the components in the surrounding glass liquid at high temperature for a long time.

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