Serum OEM/ODM Services

CD Formulation has rich experience in OEM/ODM production of serum, and we can select a full range of serum-related products suitable for all ages and consumption levels. CD Formulation provides free product and technical consultation to all customers and has long-term cooperative suppliers who can provide customers with multifaceted choices in a short period of time, which greatly saves customers the tediousness in the product production process.

Serum OEM/ODM Services


Serum is one of the skin care products used for the face, containing more precious and effective ingredients such as plant extracts, ceramides, squalane, etc. It is used for anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, whitening, spot removal, etc.

  • Botanical extracts serum

Extracts from various wild or artificially grown plants are suitable for all skin types because of their low irritation. Their main effects are moisturizing, balancing moisture and oil secretion, eliminating redness and reducing inflammation.

  • Fruit acid serum

Fruit acids are extracted from fruits and made from skin care substances derived from fruit acids. Fruit acids have a strong astringent effect on pores, and can make the skin firm and smooth.

  • Animal serum

Animal extracts have undeniable anti-wrinkle and anti-drying effects, and are warm and nutrient-rich, suitable for dehydrated skin.

  • Vitamin extracts serum

Extracts from vitamins that are beneficial to the skin, such as vitamin E extract and vitamin C extract, different vitamin extracts have different effects and are highly targeted. All serums are rich in vitamin E, which is most beneficial to the skin. The usual capsule mineral serum replenishes the skin with the necessary trace elements for women with heavy workloads and stress.

Our Services

  • Serum OEM processing services

Our cosmetic R&D engineers will adjust the formula ratio for efficacy, smell and feel according to the customer's requirements to achieve the desired effect. When we carry out OEM processing of serum, we will mix the formula according to the customer's requirements. After the formulation will be given to the customer to try, the trial feel the effect is satisfactory we will be based on this sample formula for production to do goods. We also provide packaging box factory for design services.

  • Cosmetic ODM-Stop processing service process

1. Through online or telephone communication, we will understand the customer's general needs.

2. After understanding the customer's needs, we will select the right formula from our own original formula and give it to the customer, then we will give the customer a sample according to the customer's requirements and price, and the customer will try the sample.

3. If the customer is satisfied with the sample and the processing price, we will examine our R&D capability, production capacity, factory production environment and number of employees.

4. After the inspection is completed, we will sign a contract for production.

5. Packaging design and procurement, we will design the package according to the customer's requirements.

6. The last thing is the filling, packaging and quality inspection of the product.

If you have a requirement about our services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.

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