Lip Care Products OEM/ODM Services

The structural layer of skin tissue on the lips is very thin, only 1/3 of the thickness of the body skin. Since the lips have no sweat pores and no sebaceous glands, they are particularly sensitive to the increasingly dry air and low temperatures of autumn. Dry lips can cause visible lip lines, peeling epidermis, and loss of lipstick color, and even oily lipstick cannot make a difference. In addition, the muscles of the lips are thin and tender, so smiling, drinking, eating, and talking can easily be tugged and cause lip lines. Using products such as scrubs, essence nectars, lip balms and lip masks can moisturize and soften, exfoliate, provide nutrition and luster to lips, lighten lip pigmentation and smooth lip lines. CD Formulation can provide OEM/ODM customized one-stop service for lip care products.

Lip Care Products OEM/ODM Services


  • Lip Scrubs

The scrub is a fine polished small particles, gentle and meticulous, can soften dead skin, lighten the dullness of the lip area, rubbing to feel the comfortable massage of each fine particles on the skin, soft and smooth without hurting the lips.

  • Lip Essence Honey

Natural oil extracts plus multiple plant extracts formula, no added alcohol, nipagin ester preservatives, to give the lip skin a full range of repair. It can also be applied thinly after makeup removal or thickly before bedtime.

  • Lip Balm

This creamy balm melts with body heat for a hydrating fit and a light texture that is always moisturizing without being greasy or heavy. The combination of oil and wax lightens the lip lines and improves the overall fullness of the lips.

  • Lip Protective Mask

A lip mask is a "mask" for the lips that moisturizes, softens and exfoliates, provides nutrition and luster to the lips, and lightens lip pigmentation. Since lip care products are used directly on the lips, very close to the mouth, lip masks must be free of harmful ingredients and not worry about being consumed.

Our Services

CD Formulation is our professional service provider for lip care series OEM/ODM processing, including lipstick processing, lip gloss OEM labeling, lip film processing, lip scrub cosmetics processing and other comprehensive one-stop service. As a professional manufacturer of cosmetics OEM/ODM, CD Formulation has been integrated with product technology R&D, processing, production and marketing. Our products include skin care, shampoo and hair care, skin cleansing and makeup design. Our company has standard production plant, advanced filling production line, imported emulsification equipment, secondary reverse osmosis pure water device and other equipment; With the world's advanced production technology and strict testing system, but also has a scientific, standardized quality assurance system.

Advantages of Our Services

  • Aseptic production environment with dust-free and purified workshops.
  • Advanced production equipment with top technology in the industry.
  • High quality product raw materials, raw materials from a wide range of sources and high quality.
  • Reliable quality management system, with scientific management system and professional management staff.

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