Solubility Analysis

The solubility of an active drug molecule is the amount of a drug (solute) that can be dissolved in a given solution (solvent) at a constant temperature and pressure to produce a saturated solution. It is a basic characteristic that must be evaluated in the early stages of drug discovery. Active drug solubility analysis is the process of determining the dissolution curve of a compound in a given volume of solvent, which is helpful for a preliminary understanding of the pharmacodynamic properties of the drug. Therefore, solubility analysis is crucial to the development of drug formulations.

Shake-Flask Solubility Assay.Fig.1 Shake-Flask Solubility Assay.

CD Formulation can provide you with dissolution profiles of active pharmaceutical ingredients in various solvents (including inorganic solvents with different pH values, organic solvents, simulated intestinal juice or gastric juice, and other solvents) according to your needs. In addition, our scientists specialize in providing solubility enhancement services through a variety of technologies and methods to minimize potential formulation and stability issues.

Our Solubility Analysis Services

Building a full range pH solubility profile
Solubility in simulated gastrointestinal media
Solubility improvement

Criteria for Solubility Analysis

Pure solute and solvent
Obtained a saturated solution before analysis
Reasonable sample collection method
Reliable analytical method
Properly controlled the temperature

Our Methods of Solubility Improvement

  • Chemical modification of drug molecule
  • Use of co-solvent
  • Particle size reduction
  • Hydrotropy
  • Addition of surfactant/ solubilizing agent
  • Lonization and pH optimization/adjustment
  • Temperature change
  • Complexation


  • Data analysis
  • Solubilities and calibration curves (test and reference compounds)
  • Provide full study report

Our Advantages

Solubility Analysis Services

How to Contact Us?

If you have a requirement about solubility analysis services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.


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