Electrical Conductivity Test

CD Formulation provides professional drug analysis services, where basic parameters are tested including physicochemical tests, such as Relative Density Test, Melting Point Test, Optical Rotation Test, Refractive Index Detection Test, LogP/LogD/pKa Analysis, pH Test, Molar Concentration Test, Viscosity Test, Electrical Conductivity Test, Total Organic Carbon Test, etc. Here, we bring you pharmaceutical conductivity testing, providing you with test data along with product solutions.

Electrical Conductivity Test

Why Measure the Conductivity of Pharmaceuticals?

Pharmaceutical conductivity is measured to determine the amount of soluble ions contained in a pharmaceutical sample, which is then used as a measure of pharmaceutical quality. Although conductivity measurements are often simple, failure to account for temperature can seriously affect the validity of the resulting data. Applying temperature compensation is a method that accounts for the effects of temperature and helps ensure the reliability and accuracy of the measurement results. Temperature compensation uses the raw conductivity and temperature readings of the sample and applies a correlation factor or algorithm to calculate and report the conductivity value of the sample at the selected reference temperature.

Electrical Conductivity Test

Factors of Note for Pharmaceutical Conductivity Testing

  • Understand and predict the effect of temperature. Sample temperature can have a significant effect on conductivity measurements.
  • Use the temperature compensation (TC) function accurately. The Temperature Compensation (TC) function will calculate and display the conductivity at the selected reference temperature.
  • Minimize the use of multi-point fine calibration functions. According to ASTM, a single point calibration of the cell constant at a representative conductivity is sufficient to obtain an accurate conductivity reading.
  • Always use caution when handling low conductivity samples. The stability and purity of the sample and how it is handled can affect the accuracy of the sample reading.
  • Avoid setting calibration standards with too low a conductivity. Low conductivity standards are susceptible to contamination, which can affect their successful use.

Electrical Conductivity Test

CD Formulation offers you conductivity testing services for pharmaceuticals. Conductivity reflects the ability to form a current through a certain concentration of ions, so conductivity measurements are critical to your workflow. We offer a wide range of meters, probes, standards, and measurement accessories to enable you to obtain accurate and reliable conductivity measurements. In addition, our lab team can customize product solutions to meet your requirements so that we can quickly help you solve your product problems.

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