Sphingosomes System Development

Sphingosomes are considered to be the most effective new vesicular drug delivery system due to their high drug loading capacity, stability, targeting, release, host cell compatibility, safety, etc. CD Formulation's professional team provides sphingosomes vesicular drug delivery system development services, which can be performed by improving drug loading, carrier stability, etc. carried out.

Fig.1 Forms and component of pharmacosomes. (Bhingare et al., 2014)Fig. 1 Cross section view of sphingosomes. (Chaudhari et al., 2020)

Background of Sphingosomes

Sphingosomes are important lipid vesicle drug delivery systems. They are vesicles composed of a membranous bilayer that encloses an aqueous space in which the drug can be encapsulated. The membranous bilayer consists of natural or synthetic sphingolipids. Sphingosomes are mainly composed of cholesterol and sphingolipids and have higher acid hydrolysis stability and better drug retention properties compared to other liposomes. Sphingosomes are administered by various routes, such as trans-intestinal, inhalation, oral, transdermal, etc.

The classification of sphingosomes is based on the number of lipid bilayers formed and the size of the vesicles. Sphingosomes can be monolayered or multilayered.

The typical average diameter of sphingosomes is 0.05-0.45 microns. The most desirable diameter range is 0.05-0.2 microns.

Small unilamellar vesicles (SUV)

Large unilamellar vesicles (LUV)

Multilamellar vesicles (MLV)

Oligomeric vesicles (OLV)

Multi-vesicular vesicles (MVV)

Vesicles larger than 1 micron in diameter are called giant vesicles (GV).

Sphingosomes System Development

Sphingosomes are considered to be the most effective new vesicular drug delivery system due to their improved properties as well as compatibility and safety to the host cells. Sphingosomes have been used for diagnostic purposes, clinical delivery of chemotherapeutic compounds, treatment of fungal infections, and ocular delivery. CD Formulation can provide comprehensive sphingosomes system development services, from sphingosomes-based drug delivery characterization and delivery system construction services to in vitro efficacy validation, we can provide you with the most comprehensive services and professional solutions for your project.

Characterization of Sphingosomes

  • Vesicle characterization

Vesicle characterization, including particle size, shape and zeta potential.

  • Transition temperature analysis

Differential scanning calorimetry is used to assess the transition temperature of bilayer vesicles.

  • Penetration studies

The primary method for penetration studies is confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM).

  • Vesicle stability analysis

Vesicle stability depends on parameters such as structure and shape. Changes in shape and structure can be observed by transmission electron microscopy (TEM).

  • Trapping efficiency analysis

Ultracentrifugation technique can be used to measure the trapping efficiency.

  • Analysis of sphingolipid-cholesterol interactions

Differential scanning calorimetry is used to analyze sphingolipid-cholesterol interactions.

  • Permeability studies

Permeability studies are performed by binding sphingosomes to gels. Franz diffusion cell can be used for diffusion studies.

  • Drug content

Drug content analysis is performed using UV spectrophotometry and high performance liquid chromatography.

Reasons for Choosing Sphingosomes

  • This class of liposomes improves efficacy and therapeutic index.
  • Can improve stability by encapsulation.
  • Reduces toxicity of encapsulated agents.
  • Improved pharmacokinetic effects.
  • Flexibility to bind to site-specific ligands for active targeting.

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