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Excellent lyophilization process should be customized for the product, with the characteristics of short lyophilization time and low energy consumption to ensure stable product quality. The lyophilization process can be divided into five steps: sample preparation, pre-freezing, primary drying (sublimation drying) and secondary drying (resolution drying), sealing and storage, etc. Each step requires strict control of temperature, freezing speed and vacuum. CD Formulation's professional pharmacologists can help clients with lyophilized formulation process prescription issues. In addition to providing process solutions, we can also provide testing at each step of the formulation to help our customers develop their drugs.

Formulation Design

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The assurance of lyophilization results requires the solution of prescription problems, which are the basis for lyophilization process studies. Before studying the lyophilization process, it is necessary to do sufficient research on raw materials, excipients, etc. We also provide the service of screening excipients to ensure the stability, effectiveness and long-term performance of lyophilized formulations. Our prescription design can be combined with the screening service of excipients, specifically.

  • Formulation Design for Lyophilized Formulation
  • Evaluation of Formulation Efficacy
  • Stability Studies

The CD Formulation team is the leading expert in all aspects of lyophilized formulation development and dosage form optimization. We can design lyophilized formulations according to the characteristics of the drug and the development goals of our customers. CD Formulation is a one-stop shop for your lyophilized preparation needs.

Formulation Design Requires Attention to the Following:

The total amount of solids in a prescription is typically 2%-30% (mass%). When the solids in the prescription are less than 2%, the lyophilized product may break during the drying process and may even break out of the container. When the solids content in the prescription exceeds 30%, the concentration of the lyophilized product is high and may impede the flow of water vapor during the drying process, resulting in longer lyophilization times or high moisture in the final product.

Advantages of Our Services

  • Experienced R&D team, complete production equipment and advanced production facilities.
  • Quality, quantity and timely delivery of products with detailed characterization data.
  • We will keep the content of the client's commission strictly confidential and can sign a confidentiality agreement if needed.
  • We provide our customers with the most comprehensive service at an efficient speed.
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