Ethosomes System Development

Ethosomal systems are relatively new lipid vesicle carriers that contain a significant amount of ethanol. These nanocarriers carry medicinal substances with various physicochemical properties through the skin and deep into the skin. These innovative carriers can be added to gels, patches and lotions. CD Formulation can provide you with ethosomal systems development services to help you create innovative and diverse ethosomal drug delivery platforms, providing fast and convenient service to customers worldwide.

Fig.1 Ethosomal subtypes. (Chauhan et al., 2022)Fig.1 Ethosomal subtypes. (Chauhan et al., 2022)

How do Ethosomes Work?

Vesicles, ethanol and skin lipids act synergistically in the function of the alcoholic body. Because liposomes and skin lipids interact better than liposomes, they improve the distribution of active ingredients across the liposomes. When ethanol interacts with lipid molecules in the polar headgroup region, the transition temperature of lipids in the stratum corneum is reduced. This allows the drug to be delivered to the deeper layers of the skin by increasing mobility and decreasing the density of lipid multilayers. In addition, ethanol imparts smoothness and flexibility to the vesicles, facilitating deeper penetration into the epidermis.

Ethosomes System Development

Based on advanced technology and extensive experience, CD Formulation can provide comprehensive ethosomes system development services, from ethosomes-based drug delivery characterization and delivery system construction services to in vitro efficacy validation, we can provide you with the most comprehensive services and professional solutions for your project.

What Characterization is Required for Ethosomes

The production of ethosomal vesicles can be evaluated by micrographs, transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) micrographs. The zeta potential of the product can be determined using a zeta potential meter. The reduction of the average vesicle diameter depends on the ethanol and phospholipid concentrations. The transition temperature of the vesicular lipid system can be measured by differential scanning calorimetry, a method that can be used to detect ethanol-skin phospholipid interactions, a property that is related to the effect of ethanol on the fluidization of the phospholipid bilayer. The degree of encapsulation of ethosomes can be determined by ultracentrifugation. The high level of lamellarity and the presence of ethanol in the vesicles can be used to explain why ethosomes can effectively trap both hydrophilic and lipophilic drugs. In addition, ethosomal formulations have better trapping ability than liposomes.

Why Ethosomes are used in Drug Delivery Systems

Conventional liposomes do not penetrate deeply into the top layer of the stratum corneum, making them virtually worthless as transdermal delivery vehicles. Ethosomes are nonionic surfactant vesicles that encapsulate a wide range of solutes and are not as effective as ethosomes in penetrating the skin. Ethosomes are systems composed of soft vesicles, consisting primarily of water, relatively high concentrations of ethanol and phospholipids. Ethosomal lipids and the mortar's bilayers are fluidized by the ethanol in ethosomes and the lipid bilayer is subsequently broken down by the soft vesicles.

Applications of Ethosomes

  • An effective treatment for viral and microbial skin infections.
  • May have analgesic, antipyretic and effective against erectile dysfunction.
  • May be used for topical transport of DNA molecules for expression of certain genes by skin cells.


  1. Chauhan, N., et al. (2022) Ethosomes: A novel drug carrier. Annals of Medicine and Surgery, 104595.
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